3 Way Keep The Basketball Betting Going with The NBA Playoffs

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The NBA Playoffs are just about to begin. It’s important that online bookie agents prepare for the NBA Playoffs.

The reason is because agents can double the action during the regular season just on NBA Playoff games.

That could add up to a ton of action in their sportsbooks. Keep reading for info on how pay per head bookies can keep basketball betting going during the NBA Playoffs.

(Don’t forget to be armed with the right risk management tools during any Playoff games, in any sport.)

How Online Bookies Keep Hoops Betting Going During the NBA Playoffs

Online bookies can keep hoops betting going during the NBA Playoffs by doing the following:

1. Promote games with name players

This means promoting NBA Playoff games where the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and Cleveland Cavaliers are playing.

Why? The reason is that both Chris Paul and James “The Beard” Harden play for Houston, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Kyle Thompson plays for the Golden State Warriors.

And, lest we forget the great LeBron James plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Interest on the Warriors, Rockets, and Cavaliers will already be high. Back up the already high interest by promoting wagering on those games that include Golden State, Houston, and Cleveland.

2. Promote specific NBA Playoff Parlays on game days

During the first couple of rounds in the NBA Playoffs, multiple games occur on the same day. Even if they don’t, betting lines are set a day, maybe even 2-days, before the games take place. 

That means pay per head agents can promote NBA only parlays.

Doing so will drive interest on all NBA Playoff games. Sports bettors that wager on specific parlays are also likely to wager on each individual game that’s part of the promoted parlay.

3. Run an NBA Playoff Contest

Offer a $250 to $500 dollar credit for the player that makes the most winning NBA Playoff wagers.

It’s important that if pay per head agents run this type of promotion that they do so based on the most winning NBA Playoff wagers.

It does no good to offer a $500 credit to a pro player that wins $1,000 on a single NBA Playoff game.

The only reason to run this promotion is to encourage wagers from casual players.

If an online bookie isn’t encouraging NBA Playoff game wagers from casual players, there’s no reason to run an NBA Playoff Contest.   

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