3 Pay Per Head Tools To Use During NCAAB March Madness

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Two weeks are left in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. This week, the tournament pares the Sweet 16 down to the Elite 8 on Thursday, and Friday.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, 4 games will be played to determine the 2017 Final Four.

Online bookie agents need the best tools possible to ensure they can manage March Madness action. See below for 3 PPH tools that bookmakers can use.

Live Bet Ticker

Since so many games are played during March Madness, it’s important for per head agents to have access to a live bet ticker.

The live bet ticker offered by companies like PayPerHead.com, has features that are designed to help bookmakers find the important information quickly.

PayPerHead’s live bet ticker shows sports bets as they are inserted, shows all open bets, and can filter by amounts, and risk or win.

The most important feature of the live bet ticker during March Madness is that it allows bookmakers to delete bets.

Schedule Limit Override

Setting schedule limit overrides on March Madness games is a way to:

1) ensure action goes on a different, or other game or games

2) manage action on a specific game

3) manage March Madness action on all games.

Since Mach Madness is the second biggest betting event of the year, the Super Bowl is still number 1, many pay per head agents are going to notice an uptick in action during March Madness.

 Managing all the action could be difficult. Online bookies could set a circle limit on specific games by scheduling a limit override.

Or, if online bookies have collectively accepted too much action on March Madness games, they can set a schedule limit override that lasts until the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. 

Weekly Balance by Agent or Player

Since its March Madness Week 2, online bookies should look to see which one of their players has bet the most, or least, on March Madness games.

For master agents with sub-agents, they should see if their sub-agents have any balances.

The PayPerHead weekly balance report can be formatted to the agent’s needs. It can also be broken down by business unit to track profit.

Bookmakers can also create detailed sub-reports for their players.

In the two weeks left in March Madness, online bookies should take advantage of software tools to manage action.

3 of those tools are the weekly balance by agent or player report, the live bet ticker, and the schedule limit override tool.

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