10 March Madness Betting Rules Online Bookies Need to Know

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Matt Skinner
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10 March Madness Betting Rules Online Bookies Need to Know

If you’re going to make a huge profit off March Madness as an Online Bookie, you need to become an expert bettor yourself.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned professional, these are the 10 betting rules specific to the tournament that every online bookie needs to know:

  1. Track Conference Tournaments.
    • The strongest and healthiest teams coming in and out of the tournaments will define more clearly who to bet on.
  2. Don't Get Hooked on the seeded team lines.
    • Sportsbooks  always inflate the spread on teams like Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina.
  3. Who’s Hot - Who’s Not
    • Play teams entering March Madness on big ATS winning streaks and mid-high ranked teams that got hot in their conference tournaments.
    • Beware of teams that come out of nowhere to win their conference tournament; these are typical one hit wonders who know they probably will not make it into March Madness and go all out on the Conference.

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  1. Stats can be deceiving.
    • Take the stats that can prove effectiveness and endurance, check the injuries, check if a team depends on one or two players, but keep in mind that for March Madness guts, momentum and vision might prevail over any other stat available.
  2. Underdogs
    • Underdogs fall in two different categories and you must distinguish well among those two. There are the “Never, no way, can’t understand what happened” underdog upsets, and those where a less strong team (odds wise) comes out and beats the favorite. Stay away from the first type of teams or your bankroll will suffer.
  3. Beware Of Reverse Line Movements
    • Things could change in real quick, so always keep an eye on the lines.
  4. Don't Be Afraid Of Favorites
    • Everyone loves underdogs (do refer to rule #5),  and of course sportsbooks are giving them less points recently, shifting the value to some favorites.
  5. Don't ignore the smaller tournaments.
    • Betting on these tournaments is fun, but do not get carried away, bet smart, and manage your money.
    • Bet against teams that were left out of March Madness in the NIT, CBI and CIT.
    • Bet on teams with lots of seniors.
  6. Do NOT double down if you lose.
    • If you hit a cold streak take a few days off. There are games every day and plenty of action throughout March Madness.
    • You want to win, even if it is a small amount in every game. In the end that will add up to your bankroll. Keep it smart
  7. Don't bet above your means just because it is March Madness.
    • Maintain your money management at all times!

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