Pay Per Head for the World Series

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It will be here before you know it!  The Major League Baseball World Series.  While it’s true that Baseball compared to other major sports sees less in the way of betting, the World Series attracts a much larger number.  Bookies and agents will need to offer their clients LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on each of these games by utilizing a top-of-the-line Pay Per Head service.

TopPayPerHead.com is one such PPH.

Build it and they will come! Set the juice. Take absolute control and customize everything from line movement to payouts and even offer LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING.  Add your magic! Upload your own logo. Direct players to your own domain name. Tailor the look-and-feel of your site. The bigger your player base the more you save.

Here are some more great features available at TopPayPerHead.com:

Secure Sockets Layer technology delivers up to 256 bit encryption, the same security used by FDIC insured banks in the U.S.

Create custom accounts and give your players access to their own information based on their account type and permission settings.

LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on most nationally televised games.

Run reports, analyze data, track trends, and manage your entire betting operation from the comfort of your own space.

Team up with agents and share the action.

24/7 customer service.  Fully customized website.  Lines adjusted based on your needs.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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