Online Bookie Tips: 3 Tips to Cross NFL Bettors Over To MLB

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Often, the end of the NFL Season means a lack of revenue for many online bookie agents. The reason is because most bookies provide betting services to football bettors.

Convincing football bettors to start wagering on baseball games might seem like a tall task.

It’s not.

3 Tip to Cross NFL Bettors Over to MLB

The key to getting NFL bettors over to MLB is to discuss inherent advantages sports bettors have when betting on baseball.

See below for 3 of those advantages.

1. Promote amount of betting opportunities

Every baseball team in MLB plays 162 regular season games. Major League Baseball is comprised of 30 teams, 15 teams in the American League, and 15 teams in the National League.

162 times 15 equals 2,430.

That means there are a total of 4,860 regular season MLB games in a single MLB Regular Season.

That’s a lot of games that sports bettors can choose on which to wager. But, that’s not the only unique thing about MLB betting.

Major League Baseball games take place every day.

If a pay per head agent has players that look for action daily, it doesn’t get better than professional baseball.

When an MLB team takes a day off, that’s the anomaly. Bettors mustn’t wait until that Thursday or Sunday to bet on baseball games. 

2. Discuss how MLB Futures are easy to handicap

MLB futures are much easier to handicap than NFL futures.

The Philadelphia Eagles were 40 to 1 dogs before the season started to win Super Bowl 52. The New England Patriots were 3 to 1 favorites before the season started.

In MLB, the L.A. Dodgers are 5 to 1 favorites to win the 2018 World Series. The Houston Astros and New York Yankees are both at 5.5 to 1.

Cleveland, the Chicago Cubs, and the Washington Nationals are the other teams that are less than 10 to 1 to win the 2018 World Series.

It’s doubtful the World Series winner isn’t either the Dodgers, Astros, or Yankees. Cleveland, the Cubs, and the Nationals are dogs when it comes to the 2018 World Series.

3. Discuss how betting on MLB moneylines are easier than betting ATS

In the NFL, there are plenty of factors that determine who is favored against the spread. That’s not the case in MLB.

Due to parity, moneyline favorites in MLB are based on pitching matchups. MLB games are much easier to handicap because the pitching matchup factor is almost a single handicapping factor.

Just because the Super Bowl is over, doesn’t mean that your NFL bettors are done-you just have to market it properly.

Be sure to offer live MLB betting too, casual players like to watch the games their betting on, and with a game everyday, casual bettors will have many options to choose from. offers the most live betting options, and plenty of action outside the NFL season. Get their latest deal on their Prime Package, and put these tips into practice.

Build your sportsbook empire by offering the most games and options to your bettors.

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