MLB World Series Update And How to Protect Your Bottom Line

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In Game 1 of the 2017 MLB World Series, the L.A. Dodgers beat the Houston Astros 3 to 1. World Series Game 2 takes place on Oct. 25. No worries.

That’s why this article is about what pay per head agents should do to protect their bottom line when World Series Game 3, World Series Game 4, and World Series Game 5 (if needed!) take place.

Friday, Oct. 27 – Game 3

L.A. Dodgers at Houston Astros

The Dodgers have already said that they’re starting Yu Darvish. Houston hasn’t said whom they are starting.

The key for this game is understanding how well Darvish has fared versus the Astros. Darvish has faced Astros batters 163 times.

The only Astros batter with some success versus Darvish is George Springer.

Springer bats .333 versus Yu Darvish. He has 6 hits from 18 at-bats. Each per head agent should look to see how much money has flown onto both the Dodgers and the Astros. Study both the money line and the run line.

Setup schedule limit overrides if you’ve already accepted too much action.

Saturday, Oct. 28 – Game 4

L.A. Dodgers at Houston Astros

The Dodgers have scheduled Alex Wood to start Game 4. Game 4 takes place, like Game 3, in Houston.

Dallas Kuechel is a much better pitcher at home than he is on the road. There’s a good chance that Kuechel pitches Game 4 off only 3 days of rest.

That should only happen if the Stros are desperate for a win.

In any case, setting schedule limit overrides might be the way to go. If the Dodgers are going for a sweep, set schedule limit overrides to prevent massive bets on the Houston Astros.

Sunday, Oct. 29 – Game 5 (if necessary)

L.A. Dodgers at Houston Astros

Clayton Kershaw should pitch for the Dodgers in Game 5. It’s important that pay per head agents study the action in their books on Game 5 if it comes to that.

The reason is because Kershaw should get pounded in almost every sportsbook on the planet.

He was brilliant in Game 1. There’s no reason for most sports bettors to believe he won’t be brilliant in Game 5.

Although pay per head agents should schedule limit overrides first, it might be necessary to take Game 5 of the 2017 World Series off the board.

It might also be necessary to shut off live betting for all of Game 5.

The key is for all online bookies to make World Series management betting decisions based on their specific online sportsbooks.

Think schedule limit override first before going to layoff accounts, or taking games off the board.

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