MLB Divisional Series Action for Bookies and Agents

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October is a great time for bookies because all the major sports are playing meaningful games. NFL, and College Football are already in full swing, and UEFA's Champions League group stage games are underway as well. The NHL also just began their regular season last week, with the NBA set to begin their regular season next week.† In addition the MLB began the playoffs last week. This is the perfect time to take action on a pay per head website because there is a full board of games each and every day.

The MLB is playing their 4 Divisional Playoff Series this week, with 8 teams still alive with a chance to win the 2017 World Series. The Cleveland Indians and the LA Dodgers are the current odds on favorites to play each other in the World Series, but there are no guarantees that that will happen and thatís why they play the games. AcePerHead.com is a pay per head site that has betting odds for all the games, player props, team totals, live, hits + runs + errors, race the runs odds, 1st†half 3 way line and many more game wagering options.† In addition, they also have daily updated odds to win the World Series, odds to win the American and National League Pennant, series odds, and correct series result odds.

At the moment the home favorites, including the two wild-card games have gone 11-1, with the Chicago Cubs so far being the only team that was able to steal a game on the road.†† In addition the over has also been the play with 10 games going over of the 12 played so far. These are very lopsided trades, which in all likelihood will not be able to continue, so expect some better pitching and some upsets in the games to come, especially in the American and National League Championship Series which will begin Friday October 13th†and Saturday October 14th.

There are many bettors that may not bet baseball during the regular season, but they definitely bet on it when the playoffs are in full swing.† There is plenty of action to be had over the remaining course of this World Series run, so itís important to use a pay per head site that has all of the above betting options available.

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