How To Bet For Baseball Totals [Part I]

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Are you a bookie who wants to stand out no matter what? Well, if that is what you have been longing for, it is time to change things. 

Betting on baseball totals will give you that chance to clear things up and make you look a super star in this online bookie business.

But even as you contemplate of becoming a wizard because now you have the opportunity to remove the mess, it is important to look around especially early in the day.

It is important because most sports books have the same lines posted early in the day. However, as you well know, this situation starts to change. You may notice more wagers starting to move in and having to adjust your lines.  

That changes everything especially as game time approaches. During this important period, bettors can sometimes find different numbers at different sports books. But looking at how baseball totals work, most top pay per head bookie agents need to adjust first not the numbers but the odds and then finish with figures.

Here is a typical illustration to help you understand:

With a total that opens at 9.5 and the sports book receives some action on the over. Instead of sports books trying to raise the number 9.5 to 10, professional bookies using Sportsbook software solutions at shift the odds thus those gamers who are willing to take that over. The will pay to pay -120 to wager the over. In normal circumstances, this is written as follows:


It just means that if a bookie keeps getting bets on the over, it may make one more change. This time, it is from 9.5o-120 to 9.5o-125.

However, unlike hockey, where you see totals such as 5o-140, online bookie who concentrate on baseball usually prefer with reasons not to go beyond -125. 

But some shrewd online bookies who have used pay per head software for some time will discreetly joke around with the -125. So, they might change the number but not to raise it. Rather than increasing the number by a straight 10, professional bookies use a number like 10-120. With 10-120 number, under bettors have to risk $120 to win $100.

So, what is the point here? Different totals and odds that are posted on the same game but different bookie sites are more like purchasing points in other sports like football or basketball. That is the math you need to do if you want to stand out.

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