Brewers vs. Rockies - Great Weekend Series for Bettors

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The Milwaukee Brewers are playing great baseball and head off to Denver for what should be an interesting four game series. Both teams opened the series with identical records at 21-16 and both teams are coming off of a loss.

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The Rockies are the surprise of the National League West and find themselves 3.5 games behind the first place Arizona Diamondbacks and a 3.5 game lead over the third place, San Francisco Giants. This division is not going to be easy and whomever comes out of this one, must have their ducks in a row all season long.

DJ LeMahieu, Rockies second baseman has been reinstated from the DL and should be an added boost to the roster with his .290 average, 5 home runs and 12 RBIs.

The Rockies hit the ground running in this series with what’s been already stellar lineup. Charlie Blackmon is once again on pace to have a career year with 29 runs, 34 hits, 11 homers, 20 RBIs and a .281 batting average. He’s not the only one tearing it up in Denver; Nolan Arenado is having an even better year with 37 hits, 8 homers, 21 RBIs and a .322 batting average. This lineup is nails and they will get better as the season continues, as long as the pitching holds up.

Speaking of pitching… Wade Davis is making his own mark this year in the bullpen with 14 saves over 16 innings pitched. Remember the days of “the launching pad” at Coors? Those days seem to be over. Denver is the Mile High City and it has often been said that athletes have an advantage playing in this town. Maybe on some level this is true but in large part, it’s more about the 4 major sports franchises putting a solid team together. The Broncos have struggled without Peyton Manning, the Nuggets missed the Playoffs this year in the NBA and the Avalanche had a better than expected season but certainly not what they had hoped and they have not been good for a long time.

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So the ball travels further in Denver, stop the noise! Put together a good pitching staff and problem solved. It really is that simple. The small markets complain about profit sharing and TV revenues but look at the Pirates, look at the Braves, both teams have kicked off with surprising starts.

With a lineup like the Rockies have put together, they will be fine, they need to be consistent and that has been their problem over the past couple of seasons. Health is an intangible that nobody can predict, things happen over the course of a season and half of it is the luck of the draw. Really, staying healthy for any good pitching is half luck. A GM and skipper put a rotation together and hope for the best. This season for the Rockies has started well and their hopes are in Bettis, Freeland, Anderson and Gray.

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The Milwaukee Brewers have also built a great roster and are certainly hoping to get the split in Denver. With names such as Aguilar, Yelich, Cain, Santana, Braun and Shaw there are definitely high hopes.

Chase Anderson is the lone pitcher for the Brewers with at least 3 wins, there are several with two and only Guerra has 3 losses or more. The overall production is looking solid but they must beef up the bullpen. With only 5 saves on the year; not going to get it done.

Look for an online bookie that offers first 5 innings. The Brewers are a good bet through first five, Rockies a great bet second half.

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