Red Sox vs. Yankees - Best Series to Date 2018

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The Sox and Yankees are set to kick off a mid-week three game series that is bound to be a beauty. This series never disappoints and the Yankees are hot, they come into this three game set on fire and they are looking to take down their biggest rival at home, in the Bronx. The Red Sox started out the season ablaze and are still hot but have been tempered. The argument continues on and on through time, who is the better team? This is certainly a conundrum and it depends on who you ask! Ask any Yankee hater and they will tell you the Sox are better ask any die hard Yankees fan south of Yonkers and they will curse the day that anyone dare say the Red Sox have even the slightest advantage.

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Luis Severino is set to take the hill on Tuesday against Drew Pomeranz and the offshore bookmakers have set the early moneyline at Yankees -202. As good as Severino has been this number seems high and you know what they say about underdogs and to boot, it’s the Red Sox getting the big number.

The Red Sox are a different team this year, they are better and it seems they have grown up overnight. Not only did the Red Sox win 17 of 19 to start the season, two of the wins came at the expense of the Yankees. What have the Yankees done? Responded nicely with 15 wins out of the last 16.

This series certainly doesn’t feel like May, it feels more like August or September. The fun thing about this early series is the records. The Red Sox and the Yankees come into this thing having the best record in baseball; Yankees 24-10, Red Sox 25-9.

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Records mean nothing when it comes to these two clubs playing each other. Really, absolutely nothing. The Red Sox won two of three in April and improved their record to 10-2, the Yankees 5-6. Since that series the Sox are 15-7, and the Yankees 19-4. Now that’s a hot streak! For both teams but especially the Yankees. Again, none of this matters. What matters is when the crew chiefs yells “play ball” and what happens between the lines. This series has a history of bizarre twists and turns and anything can for sure happen and you can bet it will.

Who will go headhunting this year, who will charge the mound, will there be a bench clearing brawl? This rival is the biggest rival in all of the four major sports and there will be action. The sportsbooks have installed special props for this series, as always. Check them out and find a great bookie for baseball. Prop odds can be a great moneymaker and this series is sure to offer some good ones.

The Yankees keep finding ways to win and when they do they are close to unstoppable. Magic is happening for the pin stripes and it’s no joke, after blowing a 5 run lead ion Friday to the Indians and then getting no-hit through 5 innings on Saturday , they came storming back to squelch a 4 run deficit and win the game off a three run blast from the bat of rookie, Gleyber Torres.

There is always somebody in the lineup somewhere for the Yankees that comes through in a jam. This team, no matter how good or how bad, they have their clutch moments and they have their historical moments like no other team. The Red Sox have their work cut out for them in this series, or is it the other way around?


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