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Aaron Goldstein
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Now that March Madness is winding down and football is far in the rear view mirror, it might be time reconsider your current pay per head provider or perhaps you are new to the game.


Yes People Bet on Baseball

There was actually a time not too long ago where bookies thought April would be a good time to take that months long vacation.  They called it the "off season", nothing to see here.

Smart bookies know that folks still love betting baseball.  If you as a bookmaker or agent do not have the right PPH software for MLB, keep in mind your competition does.

AcePerHead refers to this as the "low season".  Not only are there fewer games to bet, baseball tends to be less profitable for the sportsbooks.

"While bookies need to be realistic and understand that their chances of becoming extremely wealthy during baseball season are slim to none, they should not resign themselves to losing money during this incredibly long-season sport," AcePerHead says.

The focus isn't so much on becoming an MLB billionaire bookie as it is to reduce losses and maybe even make a small profit along the way.

If you are dissatisfied with your current PPH supplier, advertises a player transfer that takes up to an hour.

Reducing Your Losses With the Best Baseball PPH Software

With a pay per head platform, bookmakers and agents will outsource their business while maintaining full control over their player base.  What they get for a small weekly fee per player is a fully customized website, 24-7 customer service, access to reports, live in-play wagering, hundreds of prop and future bet options and even a live dealer casino and racebook. 

And then there's the skilled linesmakers.

"These (are the) magical creatures that always manage to post the sharpest lines day in and day out. Managing baseball odds may seem simple, but money lines fluctuate more than point spreads, making it easy for rookies to inadvertently put agents at unnecessary risk by allowing players to middle a game.

"Line Managers need to have a clear understanding of who wagered a game and at what price, this becomes more challenging when you consider that a pay-per-head like Ace Per Head handles hundreds of agent packages and these packages have different needs." notes that baseball would often be viewed as a losing proposition for bookies based on agent packages being indiscriminately bundled together to make the line manager’s job easier. 

This inevitably resulted in a conflict of interests, as moving a certain way might benefit some while adversely affecting others.

"The new generation of sports betting software that has been using in recent years, is updated constantly, and new features and tools are added every year, all this is done with the sole intent of providing a more personalized service to agents regardless of how big or small their player sheet might be."

The Game is Changing...for the Better

One of the greatest innovations in the game may have been adapted last season.....the pitcher shot clock.

Pitchers will have 15 seconds to throw a pitch with the bases empty and 20 seconds with a runner on base.

What it's done is speed up the game.  The biggest complaint ever lodged against baseball was that it's too slow a game.

Other changes have resulted in better results for bookmakers and more of a strategic thrill for bettors.

"Defensive shifts, launch angles, and “Moneyball” advanced statistics like Sabermetrics determine everything. There’s so much more a gambler has to know to be successful.

"Your baseball betting strategy has to change with the game."

And if you like playing fantasy baseball, you'll absolutely love betting player props.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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