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Banksy has earned the title of the world's most famous anonymous artist, but news surfaced yesterday that the man behind the spray cans and stencils may finally be unmasked.


No one knows who Banksy is, but one theory among the art circles and conspiracists is Bristol-based Robin Gunningham. The 53-year-old was recently listed as the primary defendant in a legal case alleging defamation involving a trademark dispute, and the co-defendant is Pest Control Ltd., which Banksy established to certify authenticity of his work.

Whichever way that legal battle eventually ends, leave it to our oddsmakers to come up with some creative betting markets around Banksy's identity.

We are the first platform in the history of gambling to offer odds on who Banksy is. There are nearly 50 people on their board with artists names ranging from anonymous to notable to digital. You can see the full list below.

Additionally, our crew came up with court case odds as well, and the likelihood of Banksy or Gunningham showing up in the High Court is not good.

You can go directly to the Bansky odds page here.


Will Banksy appear in court by June 1, 2024?               

No                    1/4

Yes                   5/2


Will Robin Gunninghamn be confirmed as Banksy by June 1, 2024?                  

No                    1/5

Yes                   3/1


Will Andrew Gallagher win defamation case vs. Gunningham/Pest Control?                 

No                    1/5

Yes                   3/1


Who is Banksy?           

Robin Gunningham       1/1

Joy Millward                 8/1

Robert Del Naja            8/1

Aaron Wood                 10/1

Invader                         10/1

LASCAUX                      12/1

Jamie Hewlett               16/1

Luke Egan                     16/1

Thierry Guetta              16/1

Bill Barminski                20/1

Jo Brooks                      20/1

See No Evil                    20/1

Blek le Rat                    25/1

Pablo Delgado               25/1

Patrick Amadon            25/1

Phlegm                         25/1

Richard Pfeiffer             25/1

Ripcache                       25/1

Stanley Donwood          25/1

Andrew Gallagher         33/1

Blu                               33/1

Edward von Longus       33/1

MrDheo                        33/1

RISK                              33/1

Damon Albarn              40/1

Ernest Zacharevic          40/1

Ron English                   40/1

@DjJonHenry                50/1

Alec Monopoly             50/1

JR                                 50/1

Kaws                            50/1

Lushsux                        50/1

Martin Ron                   50/1

Mr. Brainwash              50/1

Pavel Puhov                  50/1

Urs Fisher                     50/1

Alex Katz                      66/1

Austin Wilde                 66/1

Blak Twang                   66/1

David Hockney              66/1

Gary Cartlidge               66/1

Jeff Koons                     66/1

Rob Prior                      66/1

CJ Hendry                     75/1

Damien Hirst                 75/1

Dylan Mulvaney            800/1

Morgan Freeman          800/1

Donald Trump               1000/1

Tom Brady                    1000/1

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