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I have been booking action for over a decade and have been using a pay per head sportsbook called AcePerHead.com for the last two football seasons. Before using Ace I was at a different pay per head provider for 9 years and was making an average of 200k a year from my roughly 30 player package. Donít get me wrong, I was thrilled to be making that kind of money, however, I felt that my old site often had weak lines and slow-moving lines, and just felt I could actually be doing even better in terms of how much money my players lose each year.

So with that being said, over the last 4 years I have actually paid for a Don Best Desktop Odds feed that enabled me to have roughly 100 different sportsbook odds for all the major sports. With this, I was able to see that my current book was often slow in terms of moving lines compared to most of the big books out there, so I decided to carefully monitor over time which books on the Don Best feed actually were moving the fastest and see if they did this on a consistent basis. I was able to eventually narrow this down to a handful of books, and then eventually called them up to see what it took in order to use their service.

Of these handfuls of books from Don Best's feed that I ended up going with was www.AcePerHead.com, because when I contacted them through their live chat about how they managed their lines, they gave me the most understandable answer compared to the other books I contacted. Basically, they said they used an average of the top 5 or so books in the world for the lines, and then adjusted according to the action they were getting on each side and based on where the sharp money was going. You'd be surprised how many sites just copy one another and don't even care if those lines are bad or slow. Ace seemed to be closest to the source.

After a few more questions I felt comfortable enough to give them a try, however, they did require me to get set up over the phone, which I was a bit hesitant to do because I really didnít want my number out there and having them annoying me about random things. However, I ended up doing it so I could see how they sounded on the phone and I will say that I was impressed that they had a very firm grasp on what they were doing and answered all my questions.

Also after they set me up quickly, I got a call from them hours later and was at first pissed that I gave them my number because they were already calling me on the first day my guys started betting. However, they called me because they noticed one of my players was coming in with some steam action on college basketball. They told me that they have a handful of super sharp guys on their book and my player was coming in with the same exact plays and the same times as those sharp guys, so that was how they easily spotted him. I was actually pleasantly shocked because in just one day they found something on a player that I have had trouble making money on, and my old book never even said anything about this player during the 9 years I was with them. They recommended to start with just a 15-second delay on the player, that way they could see when he came in with this bets and then that would give them the chance to move the line on him as they so choose. After a week of that, they informed me that even after them moving the line the player still made the bet with the worse line, which they informed me meant he was a steam chaser so this strategy of the delay and them changing the line would end up working well with this player. I really couldnít have asked for a better start to the business relationship than this, and over the last two years, I have finally been making money from this player.

Lastly, I just wanted to point out that I was very pleased that I made the switch over, because the lines were sharper and more aggressive than my previous book, which has thus allowed me to make an average of 300k a year over the last 2 years being with Ace, and on the same amount of players I was making on average 200k with my old book. When I first got set up and they told me about how their lines were sharper and their agents ended up having a higher hold percentage on their players, I thought this was just some regular sales bs. But now after seeing this over the last 2 years, I can definitely verify that they were not just blowing smoke, but that their lines were sharper, which in combination with a larger board and live package, actually did help me to earn more money each year. So if you are an agent in the industry and you feel that your current website is weak on line moves, I would certainly give Ace Per Head a try because having sharper lines can definitely help you to earn more money each year.

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