World Cup 2018 Bad Bets for the Bookmakers

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Wondering who the bookmakers are rooting against in the 2018 FIFA World Cup?  SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

Brazil Winning Outright - They will see plenty of volume although European bookmakers may luck out slightly if the Brazilians ultimately win.  They've been in good form entering the tournament.  The other two favorites Spain and Germany have had some mishaps coming in, most notably Spain's sacking of their head coach and a tie with Portugal Friday. 

Top Goal Scorer - These are popular bets during the World Cup and the 2018 edition will be no exception.  Bookmakers will be find just as long as the top stars don't score.

Argentina Exiting Early - There will be plenty of bets on Argentina to win this year's World Cup but a worse scenario will be for Argentina to exit early.  That's because matches featuring this side will attract substantially more volume than the vast majority of teams that qualified.  There are others like Brazil, Germany, Spain, England of course but we've singled out Argentina as they look to have the poorest form, and this showed on Saturday against Iceland.

Group Favorites All Advancing - The books want nothing more than a significant number of underdogs to move on from their respective group.  Iran leading Group B after this weekend is a huge boost to the books. Argentina drawing with Iceland could lead to a nice pay day depending on what happens in the Nigeria-Croatia matchup, which was already in progress as this was going to press.

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com


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