Pro Sports Bettor: William Hill Manager The Public 'Never Really Finds Out' They Kick Out Winners

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C Costigan
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Following an excellent piece by David Hill of theRinger.com entitled "Requiem for a Sports Bettor", the professional sports bettor profiled has since elaborated further regarding his experience with NJ-licensed William Hill.

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We had the pleasure of meeting Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos a few weeks back at one of the Betting on Sports America Conference afterparties at the Meadowlands Racetrack where he advised us then that he has already been booted from just about every sportsbook in New Jersey thus far.

"Requiem for a Sports Bettor" discusses how the European gaming firms have mostly taken over the New Jersey market. 

Hill writes:

In the less than one year that bookmaking has been legal in New Jersey, a number of European companies have swooped in to offer their services to the racetracks and casinos licensed to book sports bets. These companies offer a turnkey operation complete with quantitative analysts, technology for things like mobile wagering, software and modeling for profiling bettors and managing risk, access to data from sports leagues, and worldwide pools of liquidity. For a casino or racetrack unsure of how to run a sportsbook, or wary of getting involved in the highest-risk offering in the gaming business, these companies are making offers that can’t be refused.

But for gamblers, especially the professionals, the rapid expansion of some of these European companies in the American market is alarming. The European model of bookmaking is seen by many as hostile to winning players. During a panel at this year’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, entitled “Skin in the Game: Sports Gambling’s Emergence in the U.S.,” moderator Jeff Ma challenged one of the panelists, Sharon Otterman from the U.K.-based bookmaker William Hill, over its perceived practice of aggressively limiting and banning winning players. Otterman defended her company by saying, “We have a business. We’re not a not-for-profit.”

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If there is one book Spanky despises the most, it appears to be William Hill.

Spanky took to Twitter Thursday to express his disgust with the book, even posting a videos showing how they refuse to take his action.

He tweeted:

It was all @ChineseMike2 idea to come on social media when regulated bookmaking came to Jersey and to tape me getting booted. We hoped to find new betting partners and try and change the future national landscape so our business could potentially thrive domestically.

Clerks at this sportsbook advise Spanky his limits have been cut from $2000 to $500

Spanky followed up with this tweet:

When I was kicked out of @WilliamHillUS last June, I asked the manager how would customers feel if they found out you kick people out. He told me, they never really find out. The public needs to know that if they get good enough one day, they will be limited/booted.

The professional gambler also posted this story he wrote last year in an effort to "raise public awareness as to how winning gamblers are treated".

Spanky closed out by tweeting:

I wish all states would give any future sportsbooks looking for licensing the following requirement: “If you aren’t competent enough to manage risk effectively and must resort to the extreme measure of kicking our citizens out for winning, then don’t bother booking in our state.”

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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