Will Smith is Favored to Beat Chris Rock in Boxing Odds

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C Costigan
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After the shocking slap that happened at last night's Oscars, plenty of people are pleading for a fight between Chris Rock and Will Smith.

Jake Paul has even offered Rock and Smith $15 mil apiece to fight during his next boxing event.

Of course, SportsBetting.ag has already set odds on who would prevail in a sanctioned fight between the two celebrities, and the slappie is a solid favorite.


Boxing Odds

Chris Rock +900

Will Smith -3000


The above odds imply that Smith has a 96.78% chance in the fight, meaning Rock has barely better than a 3% probability to beat his now enemy.

In betting terms, this means someone would have to risk 300 to win just 10 if they wanted to wager on Smith so he'd be the equivalent of around a 21-point favorite in football.

There are a couple of other bets you can make involving Rock and Smith:


Will Chris Rock present during the 2023 Oscars?

Yes -250

No +170


Will Will Smith attend the 2023 Oscars?

Yes -200

No +150

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