Why Good Service is Often Not Praised

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Good service is expected and wanted in every industry and it can often be a rare thing in the betting and gaming genre. Bettors have come to expect a certain level of service and they appreciate bookies that go above and beyond the call of duty.

As a matter of fact, bettors are loyal to bookmakers that make customer service a priority. If you are a bookie that wants to keep your clients returning and spending their hard-earned money with you, then you must learn how to treat your clients and you must be consistent. If you have been giving one free payout per week, don’t stop now, if a client calls you and explains they have already received their free payout, but they are really hoping for another, do a quick assessment, find a way to make your client happy.

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Most clients that are receiving a large payout

Especially more than one in the same week, --those clients are happy already and they probably need and/or want nothing. Winners are easy folks to make happy but what about the losers? These folks are not so easy to make happy and it’s going to be your job to make them at least a bit happier than when they called you.

In today’s busy online gaming environment, there are literally hundreds of bookmakers to chose from. Having your name near the top of the list is where you want to be, but this is not an easy task. How do you climb to the top and stay on top?

Fast Facts:

Bookies—Where do they expect good service, where do they hope to find it, and what areas do they hope to find it in the most?

  1. Bookies want the best bang for their buck. Being a bookie is not easy, it’s an all-encompassing job and it takes a lot of time and can involve many different things throughout the course of a day. The last thing a bookie want to do is hand grade bet slips. How does the bookie avoid this? By paying for sportsbook software that grades every bet, every day and usually within 5 minutes after the game is final. This is the biggest and most sought-after feature of a “Pay Per Head”. It’s also a must for good service. If there is ever anything that a bookie and client both want, it’s this one. A bookie want their tickets graded so the client doesn’t call him, the client wants the ticket graded so that he can collect, re-bet and/or both. It is extremely important that bet slips are graded as quickly as possible for both the bookie and the client.
  2. Bookies want the best lines, odds and proposition bets and they need them posted in a timely and efficient manner. They must be posted as quickly as possible and they must be competitive. This is a big one that simply can’t be avoided.
  3. Getting the money in. In many places this can be a battle and a struggle. As a bookie, you must figure out how clients are going to fund their accounts. How do you the bookie--how do you get the money in. A great Pay Per Head can help you figure this out. They will take the time to explain your options and they will help you. Call them, find out what they recommend and who they recommend.


  4. Up Time—If you are using bookie software/or a pay per head service, then you bank every waking moment on your up time. Your site must be up and running for your clients to pay you, to find you, and to bet with you.
  5. Bettors—It’s a guarantee that bettors want and demand great customer service, what exactly are they looking for and what exactly do bettors expect?
  6. A quick payout—This goes without saying, this is a “no-brainer”! Anyone that has ever won money by way of sports betting online, those folks know how important it is to get paid and get paid in a timely manner and beyond that; how much does it cost? There is nothing worse than to call up a bookie and ask them for a $100 and have them inform you that it will cost $50 to get the $100!

Bookies had better offer at least one free payout per week and a fair option for more frequent payouts.
  1. English speaking, sports knowledgeable agents. When bettors call their sportsbook on the telephone, they expect to have an intelligent conversation. Bettors can often be superstitious, and they may ask for the same agent, they may call at the same time every day or every week. There are two things they want; friendly, and English speaking.
  2. An easy way to get the money in… There is nothing that will kill business for a bookie any quicker than the inability to get the deposit in, fast and easily. As a bookie, you must get the money in with limited hassle or your client will go somewhere else.

There are many more elements of good service that have not been covered here in this article, however, we have listed some of the key points as to why clients stay or why they go. Whether you are a bookie or a player, or a player looking to become a bookie, do not forget what brought you here, do not forget what brings clients to your doorstep.

A Summary of Good Service:
  • Great phone skills.
  • The ability to add or withdraw funds in a moment’s notice with limited hassle.
  • Lines and odds, are they the best in the industry, are they competitive?
  • Up time, is the website always in operation or do they go down before or during big events?

Good service is often not praised because it can be hard to come by. Start doing business with folks in the gaming industry that come with a stellar reputation for the best service in the industry. Don’t give up on finding great service, it still exists and it’s certainly alive and well and is waiting for you.

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