White Label Sports Betting Solution for the NBA

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Don't look now but the NBA is just around the corner and bookies, agents as well as sports bettors will be looking for the very best wagering platform online.

*State of the art software - Designed for any device
*Create alerts, analyze data, generate reports
*SSL security
*Real time data
*5 player accounts free, two more price structures
*Agent system - team up with agents to share action
*Set the terms and split the risk
*10 to 10,000 players - Can handle it all
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Want a Sportsbook All Your Own

Start with 5 player accounts for FREE.  10 players just $69 per week. At SharpBookies.com, you can build your own online sportsbook, including setting the juice. Take absolute control and customize everything from line movement to payouts.  Direct players to your own domain name. Tailor the look-and-feel of your site.  Run reports, track trends, and manage your entire Fantasy operation from the comfort of your own space. LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on most nationally televised games.

Sports Bettors Are Coming Out of the Woodwork

Every Pay Per Head, every sportsbook operator we have spoken to, tells Gambling911.com that the 2018 Football season has seen a more than twofold increase in business over this same period last year. 

This all has to do with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of abolishing decades long prohibition against sports betting.  In some regions of the country, ads for sportsbooks are everywhere but not always the most convenient.  More and more folks are starting to realize the tax implications.  For example, in New Jersey, a 13% tax is being imposed on operators and this will ultimately be passed down to gamblers.  Already we are hearing from winning sports bettors getting the boot.  Bookies are thriving as a result and they can only function in today's climate by offering online options and in-play betting.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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