Where to Bet on Bagel Boss vs. Lenny Dykstra Fight Online

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C Costigan
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BetOnline Tuesday morning opened odds on Chris "Bagel Boss" Morgan vs. Lenny Dykstra.

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Morgan became a viral sensation after spouting off inside Long Island restaurants.  Watch below to see him in action (not to be played in the presence of small children or co-workers or even your parents for that matter...you've been warned).

He’ll be taking on 56-year-old 3x-MLB All-Star and World Series champ Lenny Dykstra in Atlantic City September 7.

Dykstra signed the deal with Damon Feldman's Celebrity Boxing promotion to fight Bagel Boss Guy and tells TMZ he is “confident he’ll kick his ass”. 

Bagel Boss will pay $30 for every $10 bet with a win.  Dykstra  is a very big -500 favorite.

From TMZ.com:

Sources close to Lenny tell us he ain't worried about the lack of time to prepare ... and is very confident he's gonna beat the hell outta BB Guy.

If he does ... it won't be cause Bagel Boss ain't training hard for the scrap.

Morgan recently went to one of the best MMA gyms in the country ... and training with UFC superstars Al Iaquinta and Chris Weidman.

In fact, Iaquinta told us Morgan possessed some natural ability as a fighter.

Dave Mason of BetOnline tells Gambling911.com the sportsbook should have additional betting on Bagel Boss vs. Lenny Dykstra in the form of Total Rounds and Method of Victory.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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