Where Can I Find a Bookie in Cedar Rapids?

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Dan Shapiro
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It's easy to find a bookie in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  They are everywhere, whether it be your local sports bar, pool hall or buddy referral.  First you must make sure this bookie utilizes a top pay per head, one that offers a fully customized website, in-play betting and all the types of wagering your little heart desires.

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Living in Cedar Rapids, your first inclination may be to join one of about a dozen sportsbooks looking to set up shop in-state over the next year. While that might be an easy option, consider the tax ramifications, the potential for your wagering activity to be disclosed in future court proceedings such as a divorce, and none of these books will be taking props bets on games featuring in-state colleges such as the Hawkeyes and Cyclones.

More importantly perhaps, you'l have to provide funds upfront.  Local bookies allow individuals to bet on credit.

When you play on credit it means that you are given a specified credit limit each week in order to use to make your wagers. So for example, if you are given a credit limit of 1k that means you have 1k to use on wagers during that week, and you do not need to put that money upfront in order to bet.

Then each week your bookie will set up a day in which you can either pay him or he pays you, depending on if you won or lost, or you and the bookie may decide to settle your balance when you reach a certain number. So if you guys agree on settling balances whenever you are up or down more than 500, then if you lose or win less than that amount your balance would just roll over to the next week and you would not have to settle up with your bookie until you reached that $500 number in either winnings or losses.

The smartest and safest way to find a bookie is to contact all your close friends and family members living in the area and see if they are currently using a bookie nearby.

The most important thing when looking for a bookie is to make sure you do your research and either choose an online sportsbook that has very good reviews in regards to paying or to find a bookie in your area that was referred by someone you know and can confirm that they actually pay.

Things to Watch for When Dealing With a Cedar Rapids Bookie

The Cedar Rapids bookie is going to try to nickle and dime you for games featuring the Hawkeyes and Cyclones.

More so, you'll find the local bookies dealing the worst lines on the Minnesota Vikings.  They are the most embraced NFL team in this city, however, Cedar Rapids is strategically surrounded by multiple top fan bases that include the Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs and a smattering of Packers diehards for good measure.

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