Where Can I Bet the Fortnite World Cup Online - 2019

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Alistair Prescott
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This year's Fortnite World Cup is said to be the most competitive to date.    Odds will be available online.

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*Available most nations
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The tournament boasts $30 million in prize money, that's over seven times more than that of the previous highest dollar amount of $4 million.


Solo: Bet Here

Tfue     +1400     FaxFox     +6600
Stompy     +1500     Herrions     +6600
Bizzle     +1600     K1ng     +6600
Dubs     +1600     Rhux     +6600
MrSavage     +1600     Snow     +6600
Benjyfishy     +1700     Banny     +8000
Mongraal     +1700     Clipnode     +8000
Clix     +2000     DrakonZ     +8000
Riversan     +2500     EpikWhale     +8000
Zayt     +2500     Hornet     +8000
Aqua     +2500     Kreo     +8000
Bugha     +3300     Lolb0om     +8000
Ceice     +3300     Smeef     +8000
Funk     +3300     Cat     +10000
Fwexy     +3300     Domentos     +10000
Issa     +3300     Jarkos     +10000
Kinstaar     +3300     Peterpan     +10000
Megga     +3300     Evilmare     +12500
Pika     +3300     Fatch     +12500
Arkhram     +4000     Hood J     +12500
ClarityG     +4000     LeftEye     +12500
Crue     +4000     Slaya     +12500
Nicks     +4000     Teeq     +12500
Reverse2k     +4000     BlastR     +15000
Vivid     +4000     RogueShark     +15000
X2Twins Jordan     +4000     Astonish     +15000
UnknownxArmy     +5000     Sozmann     +15000

Duo: Bet Here

Tschinken/Stompy     +700     Lanjok/Punisher     +3300
Benjyfishy/MrSavageM     +800     EpikWhale/4DRDtorm     +4000
Mongraal/Mitr0     +1000     Pfzin/Nicks     +4000
Megga/Dubbs     +1100     Klusia/Th0masHD     +4000
Saf/Zayt     +1300     Skite/Vato     +4000
Sean/Aydan     +1400     XXM/Xmende     +5000
Clix/Sceptic     +1400     Leno/Barl     +5000
Funk/Nate Hill     +1500     Ronaldo/XXiF     +5000
Ceice/Elevate     +1600     K1ng/XOwN     +6600
Zexrow/Vinny1x     +1800     LeNain/Tyler15     +6600
Arkhram/Falconer     +2000     Roatdw/BlooTea     +6600
Airwaks/Nikof     +2000     Crimz/Spadess     +10000
Hunter/Kinstaar     +2000     Wisheydp/Gustavox8     +10000
Aqua/Nyhrox     +2000     Serpennt/Hype     +10000
Fwexy/Letw1k3     +2500     Oslo/BadSniper     +12500
Little/Jay     +2500     Bell/Scarlett     +12500
Crue/Chapix     +2500         
Mexe/Skram     +3300    

Fortnite World Cup schedule

The World Cup Finals will officially begin at 12.30pm ET (5.30pm in the UK) on Friday, 26 July, with the Creative finals – bringing eight teams of four together in various Creative game modes.

This will be followed by a Celebrity Pro-Am duos tournament at 4pm ET (9pm BST), where 50 pro players will join forces with 50 celebrity players.

Pairings for the Pro-Am include Ninja and Marshmello, as well as Airwaks and RL Grime.

The tournament will properly get going on Saturday, with the duos competition at 1pm ET (6pm BST), before Sunday sees the world’s best individual Fortnite players face off in the solos tournament at the same time.

The winners’ ceremony for both the duos finals and the solos finals will be staged at 4.45pm ET (9.45pm BST) on each day.

Friday, 26 July

Creative Finals Preshow - 12.30 pm ET

Creative Finals – 1 pm ET

Celebrity Pro-Am - 4 pm ET

Saturday, 27 July

Duos Finals Preshow - 12.30 pm ET

Duos Finals - 1 pm ET

Duos Finals Winners Ceremony - 4.45 pm ET
'Fortnite Live' in Norwich

Sunday, 28 July

Solo Finals Preshow - 12.30 pm ET

Solo Finals - 1 pm ET

Solo Finals Winners Ceremony – 4.45 pm ET
How to watch Fortnite World Cup

Tickets for the Fortnite World Cup Finals sold out weeks ago, meaning the only way to watch it is to stream it online.

Live streams will be available of YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Mixer and Caffeine, as well as Fortnite’s own website.

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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