Where Can I Bet on Cyclones Games From Iowa?

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Don Shapiro
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With Iowa set to open in-state sportsbooks as early as September 2019, you won't be able to bet on props with your beloved Iowa State Cyclones at any of them.  Instead, sports bettors will still need to rely on those 'ol reliable standbys, the offshore sportsbook.

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When Iowa lawmakers set out to amend their state law in the wake of the US Supreme Court decision overturning decades of prohibition against sports wagering, language included provisions whereby in-state colleges could not be wagered on.  This means you can't bet props on the opposing team in a Cyclones game either.  While we're at it, you can't bet props on the Iowa Hawkeyes, a team that also features a solid college basketball squad coming into 2020.

Likewise, individuals must register in person for a period of at least two years.  Depending on how many sportsbooks there are throughout Iowa, this might not be as big of an inconvenience in such a small state.  Nevertheless, it's still somewhat of a handicap to the new state industry that will still be competing with a handful of top licensed offshore sportsbooks, some of which have been around for more than two decades.

While Iowa State is now viewed as competitive, and residents of the state will have their calendars marked for September 14 when they clash with the Hawkeyes (a game you can only bet it ALL offshore), oddsmakers still have the Cyclones favored to win no more than 7 regular season games.

AthlonSports.com writes of Iowa State:

Replacing Montgomery and Butler will be no picnic, but Iowa State should be solid enough in important spots to avoid too much of a drop-off. Purdy puts the Cyclones in great shape at quarterback. The offensive line should take a step forward. Because of its strength up front, Iowa State’s defense will again be in the upper third in the Big 12. At the very least, expect the Cyclones to go bowling for the third season in a row, although the program’s goals are much more ambitious than that.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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