Where Can I Bet Sports, Start an Online Sportsbook From Oakland, CA?

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C Costigan
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You can start your own online sportsbook from the Oakland area using any of a few dozen Pay Per Head software platforms on the market today.  Gamblers in this region will obviously be betting heavily on the Raiders as well as the Golden State Warriors and the 49ers for sure.  Let's not forget the Athletics in Major League Baseball as well as the Giants. 

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Raiders Regular Season Wins 2019

Regular Season Wins
6048     Under 6½ Wins         -150  Bet Now  
6047     Over 6½ Wins         +130    

49ers Regular Season Wins 2019

San Francisco 49ers
01:00 PM     6053     Over 8 Wins         -120 Bet Now    
6054     Under 8 Wins         +100    

Super Bowl Bet Now    
Odds to Win Super Bowl LIV
54021     New England Patriots         +600     
54016     Kansas City Chiefs         +800     
54018     Los Angeles Rams         +1000     
54022     New Orleans Saints         +1000     
54006     Chicago Bears         +1400     
54008     Cleveland Browns         +1400     
54014     Indianapolis Colts         +1400     
54012     Green Bay Packers         +1600     
54017     Los Angeles Chargers         +1600     
54026     Philadelphia Eagles         +1600     
54002     Atlanta Falcons         +2500     
54009     Dallas Cowboys         +2500     
54013     Houston Texans         +2500     
54020     Minnesota Vikings         +2500     
54027     Pittsburgh Steelers         +2500     
54028     San Francisco 49ers         +2500     
54003     Baltimore Ravens         +3300     
54015     Jacksonville Jaguars         +3300     
54029     Seattle Seahawks         +3300     
54025     Raiders         +4000     
54005     Carolina Panthers         +5000     
54010     Denver Broncos         +5000     
54023     New York Giants         +5000     
54024     New York Jets         +5000     
54031     Tennessee Titans         +5000     
54004     Buffalo Bills         +6600     
54011     Detroit Lions         +6600     
54030     Tampa Bay Buccaneers         +6600     
54001     Arizona Cardinals         +8000     
54007     Cincinnati Bengals         +10000     
54032     Washington Redskins         +10000     
54019     Miami Dolphins         +12500

Current Sports Betting Climate in California

You'll still need to follow the Raiders to Vegas to find the closest sportsbook to the Oakland area.

The US Supreme Court ruled to allow sports betting nationwide but individual states will determine whether they want to operate in-state sportsbooks or not.

California, due to its long drawn out feuding among the powerful tribal entities tasked with overseeing gambling, has little appetite for introducing legislation that would permit sportsbooks to operate from within the state.

This means the local bookmakers and agents who extend credit and offshore sportsbooks that require postup funds will continue to dominate the sports betting marketplace in California with little to zero competition. 

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Warriors Team Wins

Regular Season Wins Bet Now 

88119 Over 47½ Wins-130

88120 Under 47½ Wins+110

Odds to Win the NBA Championship
Odds to Win the NBA Championship 2020 Bet Now 

07:00 PM     22213     Los Angeles Clippers         +350     
22214     Los Angeles Lakers         +450     
22217     Milwaukee Bucks         +500     
22211     Houston Rockets         +800     
22223     Philadelphia 76ers         +800     
22210     Golden State Warriors         +1400     
22229     Utah Jazz         +1400     
22202     Boston Celtics         +1600     
22208     Denver Nuggets         +1600     
22203     Brooklyn Nets         +2500     
22228     Toronto Raptors         +2500     
22212     Indiana Pacers         +3300     
22225     Portland Trail Blazers         +3300     
22207     Dallas Mavericks         +4000     
22216     Miami Heat         +5000     
22227     San Antonio Spurs         +6600     
22219     New Orleans Pelicans         +8000     
22221     Oklahoma City Thunder         +10000     
22222     Orlando Magic         +10000     
22201     Atlanta Hawks         +12500     
22226     Sacramento Kings         +12500     
22205     Chicago Bulls         +15000     
22209     Detroit Pistons         +15000     
22218     Minnesota Timberwolves         +15000     
22215     Memphis Grizzlies         +25000     
22220     New York Knicks         +25000     
22230     Washington Wizards         +25000     
22204     Charlotte Hornets         +50000     
22206     Cleveland Cavaliers         +50000     
22224     Phoenix Suns         +50000       

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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