Where Can I Bet Golf Online From California?

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Mary Montgomery
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A few dozen online sportsbooks take bets on golf from the state of California.

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Betting Golf = Big Payouts

Here are some examples of what the US Open payout potentials were ahead of the June 2019 tournament.

Dustin Johnson was the +750 odds favorite.  The payout would be $75 for every $10 bet or $750 for every $100 bet.

Tiger Woods was listed at +1200 odds.  The payout would be $120 for every $10 bet or $1200 for every $100 bet.

Phil Mickelson at +4000 odds would pay $400 for every $10 bet or $4000 for every $100 wagered.

Now let's look at some five digit longshots.

Ian Poulter was coming in at +10000.  This means the payout is $1000 for every $10 bet and $10000 for every $100 bet.

There were six digit longshots that promise a massive payout, even with just $10 wagered.

Andy Pope was listed at +100000.  This means, should he win, the payout was an astonishing $10000 for every $10 bet or $100000 for every $100 wagered.

Ultimately it was Gary Woodland who ended up winning.  At +6600, the payout was $6600 for every $100 bet.

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What Bookies and Agents Can Do to Get Gamblers Betting Golf

1. Think Superstars

Most sports bettors, even if they dislike golf, know who those players are. Use that to your advantage.

2. Use PGA Major Tournaments to educate players on golf betting

The four “major” PGA Tournaments: The Masters, The Open Championship, the PGA Championship, and the U.S. Open Championship, are the most talked about golf tournaments of the year.

They’re spread out across the spring and summer with The Masters Tournament taking place in early to mid-April and The Open Championship taking place in mid to late July.

As mentioned above, the payouts can be extraordinary if you happen to bet the right golfer.

3. Talk up golf betting odds

Pro players use systems to make their wagers. That’s why squeezing more action out of pro players is close to impossible.

Casual players like to invest as little as possible in order to make as much as possible. Casual players will jump on favorites, but they’d much prefer to jump on a high-priced “favorite” than a favorite offering low odds.

The favorite to win The Masters Tournament next week is Rory McIlroy at +750. That’s 7.5 to 1 odds on the “favorite” to win.

Casual players most definitely have at least $10 dollars to wager on a favorite at +750 odds. It just takes some per head agent promotion and education.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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