What is the Total Over, Under Betting Odds Al Horford Points Scored - 2022 NBA Finals

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Mary Montgomery
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Al Horford was the hero for Game 1, helping Boston to a victory with his 26 points on 9-of-12 shooting.  Even if he scores 14+ points, he'll be in the money for sports bettors with an $11 payout on a $10 bet.  


Oddsmakers have Horford scoring Over/Under 11.5 points in Game 2. 16+ pays $17 on a $10 bet, 18+ pays $25, 20+ pays $36, 22+ pays $50, 24+ pays $62, 26+ pays $86 on a $10 bet.

Boston impressively rallied for a 120-108 victory in Thursday's Game 1 and Horford led the way with 26 points on 9-of-12 shooting. In the 1,092nd overall game of his career, Horford made a career best six 3-pointers (in eight attempts).

"Just grateful for this opportunity," Horford said after his breakout performance in Game 1. "It's just going out there and playing basketball at the end of the day. That's just what it is. ... Just excited to be able to share this stage with these group of guys."

More Al Horford Prop Bets

Al Horford (BOS) Total Points+Rebounds+Assists

631Over  24½  Pts+Rebs+Assists-105

632Under  24½  Pts+Rebs+Assists-125

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Points+Assists

633Over  14½  Points+Assists-130

634Under  14½  Points+AssistsEv

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Points+Rebounds

635Over  20½  Points+Rebounds-120

636Under  20½  Points+Rebounds-110

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Rebounds+Assists

637Over  12½  Rebounds+AssistsEv

638Under  12½  Rebounds+Assists-130

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Points

639Over  11½  Points-115

640Under  11½  Points-115

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Assists

643Over  3½  Assists+110

644Under  3½  Assists-150

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Rebounds

645Over  8½  Rebounds-130

646Under  8½  ReboundsEv

Must Play

Al Horford (BOS) Total Made 3 Point Field Goals

647Over  1½  3pt FGs-125

648Under  1½  3pt FGs-105

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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