What The Line Should Really Be On The Northwestern vs. MSU Game October 23

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Mary Montgomery
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The 10th-ranked Michigan State Spartans were back on track. Matt Coghlin opened the second half with the go-ahead 51-yard field goal, tight end Tyler Hunt’s big plays, catching a 12-yard touchdown pass, gave Michigan State the breathing room it needed and the defense held on for a 20-15 victory.

Meanwhile Northwestern's Ryan Hilinski threw for 267 yards and two touchdown passes on Saturday afternoon to boost Northwestern to a 21-7 victory over Rutgers.

What The Line on the Northwestern vs. MSU Game Should Be

Adjusting for home field advantage prior to their close win against Indiana, the Spartans have a rating of 82.01.  Northwestern had a rating of 66.59.  This gives us a line of Michigan State -14.5.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com




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