What Do PPH Services Allow?

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Have you been hearing the term “pay per head” a lot while researching how to become a bookie?

New bookies often wonder what a pay per head (PPH) service offers and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this guide. These services essentially allow anyone to start a sportsbook online.

Main Features Offered By PPH Services

  1. Software and Website

The two most essential components are the software to run a sportsbook, casino and racebook, plus a website to easily allow your players to sign-in to their account and gamble.

You won’t be tracking bets using a spreadsheet when you work with a PPH shop.

Your website will be completely automated in a sense. PPH services handle the development and design. On top of that, they’ll also host your website and ensure it remains secure.

Your clients will enjoy the ease of placing bets 24/7 without any assistance.

  1. Enter New Markets

A PPH service allows private bookies to enter new markets instantly.

For one, your players will be able to gamble in an online casino with live dealers. Secondly, your players will have access to an online racebook filled with tracks from around the world.

The best PPH services will have 100+ horse racing tracks for your clients to bet on.

Depending upon what PPH service you join, you may even be able to have an online poker room.

All of these features are built into the same low weekly price with no upcharges.

  1. Automated Bookkeeping

There’s no need to have your wife, girlfriend or anyone else do your books every month.

PPH services will automate your bookkeeping through lots of detailed real-time reports. You can export the data to Excel to crunch the numbers as necessary to determine your bottom line.

The reports will also help you with making informed business decisions. If you’re losing a lot on a specific market, you’ll be able to determine this through the reports and then make adjustments.

  1. Team of Clerks

You won’t need to grade bets or provide customer service for your players.

PPH services have large teams with experienced English-speaking clerks to help run your business as smoothly as possible. The best PPH services even operate 24/7 call centers.

Your players will be able to call in for support or to place bets if they can’t access the internet.

What’s Left for the Bookie to Do?

PPH services allow private bookies to operate their business effortlessly with an online presence.

While these types of services cover most day-to-day duties, bookies still have lots to do. The two main things a bookie needs to work on are sourcing players and then collecting or paying out.

There’s no better way to start an online sportsbook. Anyone can do it and you don’t need a big budget either. Most PPH bookie sites start out at just $10 per player paid each week.

You only pay for active players as well, which means if you only have three players, you only pay for those three players. This allows even the smallest bookmakers to make good money. 
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