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If you are looking to become a bookie and take action on sports then the best course of action is to sign up with one of the top wagering software companies in the business.

These wagering software companies are called pay per head because that is how the cost is structured, meaning the fees are strictly based on how many active players a week use the site.

One of the top pay per head companies in the market over the last decade has been www.AcePerHead.com. They offer a professional style sportsbook website for bookies’ players to bet on where Ace, manages all the lines up to the second, and then grades all bets as soon as each game ends. All balances then get automatically updated into each player and agent account.

Ace puts up thousands of lines each day for players to bet on and they also have a virtual casino with around 100 different games, horse racing with over 70 different tracks, and additional features that can be added such as a prop builder with an unlimited about of player props, and customized props, and a choice between a VIP or Premium Live service that has live betting options on all games and over 100 different live betting options per game, and a TV feature to watch and bet the games live right from any player account.

In addition, Ace has some of the sharpest lines in the business. They take an average of the biggest 5 books in the market and then move the line based on where the action is going, and then utilize a handful of the sharp professional bettors in their system to move the lines accordingly. All lines and juice are updated up to the second, to make sure the lines are always the most advantageous to the bookie and the house.

As a result of all the betting options that Ace offers, and their very sharp lines, they have a weekly average hold percentage of 14% per week, compared to the industry average of 5%. The hold percentage is just simply the net win or loss of all wagers divided by the overall total amount risked on all wagers. So the higher the hold percentage then the more players lose overall in terms of monetary dollars. So an almost triple higher hold percentage at Ace, means that bookies are making almost triple the amount of money from taking action compared to other pay per head bookie sites. This is a huge difference and cannot be overstated enough if you are actually looking to earn the most money possible from booking action.

So for this premium service Ace charges a standard price of $10 per active player a week. This is only charged if a player has a graded wager for that week, and if a player does not bet that week then you as the agent will not get charged for that player that week.  If you want to add the prop builder for all your players that is just a flat fee of $15 per week for 1 or all players that use it. Lastly, if you want to add the VIP or Premium Live wagering feature that is just a charge of $5 per active player per week and only if the player bets on it that week.

The more betting options you can offer your players, then the more bets they will make each week, and more betting leads to players losing more money over the long term. So if you want to start making money as a bookie then call one of the top wagering software providers at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up immediately. And don’t forget to ask for one of their multiple free week promotions so you can start saving and earning at the same time.

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