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We all know how the Price per Head business works by now, and the many ways it can help us achieve our biggest goals in the sports betting industry. It’s plain and simple, with a good PPH provider your life as a bookmaker will be much easier than you probably expected, and results will start to look bigger and better in a matter of just a few days.

There is no big secret to the way in which a good PPH provider like www.PayPerHead247.com works, you bring your players, we charge a small weekly fee per customer, and this gives you the right to use all of our tools and services as your own, and get as many players or agents into your package, which is ultimately what you’re looking for, volume. 

However, if you deal with agents, there’s another way you can try to make some money, and it’s by up selling your services, making different packages, mix things up a little, because, let’s be honest, not everyone is looking for exactly the same things, and agents can work in many different ways. 

 By upselling your services, you can save some money, or even start making more, because you get to know your customers better, you get to optimize the services you’re offering, and maybe you won’t have to invest in certain things because your agents are not even looking for them, so you can negotiate a lower fee for yourself.

If they do, then you can offer them a different package for bigger players or a higher number of players, you can allow them to set up account limits, run reports, update info and payments, profile customers, and so on. For these different packages, you can charge a different prize, or give them a different commission, the most important thing to understand here is that you, as the bookmaker, have many different options, and we’re right here to help you make the most out of your business. 

What type of services can I upsell in my bookie operation? 

Here’s a list of some of the best tools and services that a good PPH provider like www.PayPerHead247.com can offer you: 

- Personalized website design and development. 

- 100% mobile-first online betting experience. 

- Different and convenient payment methods, including crypto currencies. 

- 24/7 chat and Customer Service support. 

- Casino and virtual games platform. 

- Horse racing platform. 

- The best reporting tool in the industry. 

- Access to profile your players, set limits, make payments and adjust settings. 

- Access to line moving in your platform. 

These are just some of the benefits and tools that you’ll be able to enjoy as a bookmaker when you decide to join and co-work with a good PPH service provider, and some of the products you can upsell to your agents, to make sure each one has a personalized package, with everything they want and need. If you want to talk a little bit more about this, and what your options are, then just contact us now and let’s get down to the very last detail. 

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