UEFA Europa League Season Recap So Far

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Everyone's attention is usually focused on the UEFA Champions League season after season, but let's not forget that there's another tournament that is just as exciting and where teams fight to prove they do belong among Europe's best, and it's UEFA Europa League. 

It is actually quite hard to become UEFA Europa League’s champion, because as opposed to the Champions League, many different teams participate in this brother tournament. It's a total of 48 teams in the group stage divided in 12 groups of four, then an extra final stage, the best of 32, and if that wasn't hard enough, for the round of 16 all the third places from the Champions League are moved to this tournament, once they are eliminated from the other one, which makes it much harder for the ones that were fighting from before, because now they have to face some of the best that weren't even here originally. 

It’s true, these teams might not be the best of the best, because we know those are already fighting to become champions in the UEFA Champions League but remember that here we get all the runner ups from the season, so it’s quite a high level of football as well. Teams like Napoli, Villarreal, Hoffenheim, Lille, Ajax, Rangers, Arsenal, Benfica, AS Roma, Leicester City or Bayer Leverkusen, to mention a few, were all a part of this season’s tournament. 

Europa League’s quarter finals are coming up 

Only 8 teams remain alive right now in the tournament and will be fighting to take the trophy home. The games will take place on April 8th and the 15th, and then we’ll know who will be moving on to the semifinals. 

Spanish surprise, Granada, will be matching up against Manchester United, Premier League’s Arsenal will have to deal with Slavia Praha, Ajax and AS Roma will be starring in one of the most exciting series in this stage, while Dinamo Zagreb will be facing Villarreal. 

It is no surprise that both Premier League teams are now favorite to make it through to the semifinals and to keep fighting for the trophy, but AS Roma and Ajax are also known for being present in these final stages, and they both have lots of experience, so let’s not forget about either of them, even though they’re facing each other, so, of course, only one will make it through. 

Dates and info for semifinals matchups and Final 

UEFA Europa League’s semi final matchups Will take place at the end of this month and beginning of the next, on April 28th and May 5th. The big final game will take place on May 25th at Stadion Miejski in Gdansk, Poland. 

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