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C Costigan
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If you’ve started a sportsbook using a pay-per-head (PPH) software solution, it’s time to understand some of the tools at your disposal. Make sure you utilize the tools available to you.

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I can remember many instances where a PPH bookie has requested a feature that they have already had access to simply because they’re unaware of the tools the software comes packed with.

There are many pay per head tools bookies can use and we’re going to discuss some of them now.

l  Line/Odds Management

Sure, you can utilize the lines set by the PPH service you join. In fact, it’s recommended to use their lines, as they work 24/7 to ensure you have access to the freshest betting lines.

However, there are isolated cases where you may need to use the line management tool.

For instance, let’s say 75% of your bettors live in Boston. Most sports fans bet on their home teams regardless of value. You can profit from this by shading the odds on Boston teams in your favor.

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l  Layoff Account

Multiple PPH services have a built-in layoff account, which means if you took one-sided action on a wager, you can use the layoff account to balance your book and guarantee a profit from the vig.

Many new bookies don’t realize this and take losses by taking a stand on wagers where they took in one-sided action. You’re a bookie, not a gambler, so make sure you balance your book.

If your PPH service doesn’t offer a layoff account, you have alternatives. I recommend joining one of the Asian bookies where you’ll get the best odds to layoff bets and have high betting limits.

l  Custom Alerts

You can’t be at your computer 24/7 analyzing data. However, you likely have your smartphone at all times. You can set customized alerts to be sent to you via text through PPH software.

For example, you can set an alert to be notified every time you accept a big bet. You’ll be able to set what a big bet is in the software and when a bet exceeds that, you’ll be notified.

Another reason to set alerts is if you’re getting a lot of steam action.

Let’s say an important player is ruled out in the morning and you start getting pounded with action because your line hasn’t updated yet. You want to be alerted, so you can stop taking steam bets.

l  Credit/Betting Limits

You need to set-up credit and betting limits through your PPH software. Using the tools provided by your PPH service, you can set credit/betting limits universally or on a player-to-player basis.

It’s important to set betting limits for all types of bets as well. You may accept up to $5000/bets on an NFL point spread, but you won’t want to take that action on a lower-flight Irish soccer league.

Sharps will eat you alive if you offer them big betting limits across the board. Before you have time to restrict or limit them, they’ve already likely taken you for thousands of dollars.

There are lots of pay per head tools to utilize as a bookie owner. Knowing what’s included is vital, but using the tools to grow and improve your business is even more important.

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