Trump Bettors Remain in Denial: "The Election is Not Confirmed"

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Gilbert Horowitz
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  • Bettor who backed Trump to win with $30K flummoxed by grading ahead of swearing-in ceremony

  • Sportsbook rep makes it clear "results are final sir"

  • Other gamblers explain why bettor's argument is flawed

  • Biden still the winner, even if there is a coup, one gambler points out

  • "So you want to have a losing ticket posted as still pending for another month??  Is this a tax issue?" asks another

Just as sitting US President Donald Trump continues to claim fraud, those who bet him to serve a second term also insist it's not over until the fat lady sings.

Presumably that fat lady will sing during the January 20 inaugural.  This is when some Trump bettors believe the final outcome of this race will be decided.  Perhaps a mutiny or Trump refuses to leave the White House and the Secret Service allows him to stay.

Following a series of recounts and certifications in key swing states, the Electoral College met Monday to officially declare Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden the winner.  Biden had been a -200 favorite coming into the election.  During live in-play wagering Trump's price shot up into the double digits as Pennsylvania and Michigan numbers had him well ahead in the vote count.  Analysts were quick to point out that the mail-in vote, which was expected to heavily favor Biden, had mostly yet to be counted. Ultimately Biden plowed ahead in the hours and days to come.  

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Gambler BAC, posting on the SportsBook Review forum, bet $30,000 at Bookmaker and its sister site Justbet for Trump to win the 2020 election. 

"I log into my account today and saw both of my bet is a loss," BAC declared following the election grading Monday.

He referred to rules that seem to suggest a final outcome is not determined (and graded) until the winner's swearing-in ceremony.

Here is a reported transcript of BAC's conversation with a sportsbook representative:



"You are being transferred to an agent
You are now connected to Jess.
You - 11:19 AM
hi can you take a look at this Ticket #468568961
Jess - 11:20 AM
Welcome to our Wagering Live Chat Department. My name is Jess. How may I be of assistance?
Will you please confirm your 6-digitPIN code? Thanks.

You - 11:20 AM
the election is not confirmed
Jess - 11:21 AM
Let me check on the ticket, please hold a few minutes.
The report has been made to my supervisor, so it can be addressed to the department in charge. I apologize for the inconvenience, but you will have to try back in awhile.
You - 11:23 AM

yes please
the ticket should be in pending
Jess - 11:25 AM
I am sorry, but the tickets are final. They have been graded.

You - 11:25 AM
where did you get the result?
"For bets on a candidate to win an office, all bets will be graded at the time of the winner’s swearing-in ceremony."
this is the rule in your sportsbook
swearing-in ceremony is Jan 20, 2021
Jess - 11:28 AM
For bets on head to head vote totals, primary races, or any other market which does NOT directly result in a candidate securing a position in an office, the official results will be based upon those published by at the following site:

*Applies to elections held within the United States only. For races in other countries, wager settlement will be based on results from official government websites.
You - 11:29 AM
the result for 2020 is not in
Jess - 11:31 AM
The results are final sir.
May I help you with anything else?"



The swearing-in ceromony, of course, will not change the result of this election.  Even if there were to be a coup, Biden was clearly the winner.

SBR Poster Vampire Assassin emphasized this point:

If Trump stages a military coup, Biden still won the election. But raise your dispute then.

A long-time SBR poster, Seattle Slew, clarified further:

The swearing-in part is not relevant, the props are "winning the election." If something happens to Biden before Jan. 20, his bets are still a winner because he won the election. It doesn't say in the bets "person to be sworn-in."

Yet another chimed in with this response to the gambler BAC that pretty much summed up things:

It's called reality. Look into it sometime.

Members of the foum appeared dumbfounded by BAC's desire to have his bet remain pending for another month despite clearly knowing the results.

Poster Pareto questioned his or her motives:

So you want to have a losing ticket posted as still pending for another month??

Is this a tax issue?

Bookmakers across the globe came under increasing pressure to grade wagers in favor of Biden after most media outlets declared the Democratic candidate the winner.  A handful of conservative media outlets refused to call the race in light of Trump's numerous lawsuits.  By Monday, even the Trump-aligned news outlet, Newsmax, announced it would accept Monday's Electoral College results and proclaimed Biden President-Elect.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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