Top Advantages of Anonymous Betting

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In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the law that made it illegal for states to allow sports betting. Since then, corporations like DraftKings and FanDuel have opened online sportsbooks in the hopes of acquiring U.S. customers.  


But although there is nothing wrong with companies like DraftKings, there is one disadvantage to betting through those organizations. Once you do, you are no longer anonymous.  

Being anonymous has major advantages. If you’re a sports bettor, the advantages mean even more.  

Top Three Advantages to Anonymous Betting 

Before getting to advantages, it’s important to understand why only betting through a cryptocurrency sportsbook like NitroBetting will you ever remain truly anonymous.  

When people say using Bitcoin keeps you anonymous, they mean that because Bitcoin is peer-to-peer, nobody will know about your transactions. In other words, when you fund your NitroBetting account with BTC, there is no third-party, not your bank, not your credit card company, nobody that is involved in the transaction. 

You remain anonymous when you make BTC transactions because Bitcoin itself is decentralized and anonymous.  

Now that we know why anonymous betting is possible, check out the advantages.  

Your credit card company won’t put a block on your card for “suspicious activity” 

Be honest. It’s happened to all of us. We want to put a $100 into our sports betting account because we’ve got a good feeling about Boston versus New York and our credit card company puts the kibosh on the transaction.  

Then, you must call and tell your CC company you want them to allow international transactions. It’s a pain. 

Nobody will look at your credit card statement and wonder what the heck MoBo Gaming is 

Each BTC transaction involves a 32 digit/letter code. Not only that, but your BTC transactions show up as transactions in your wallet. 

So unless someone has access to your wallet, nobody will question the transaction. Sure, maybe you don’t care if MoBo Gaming, or some other strange name, shows up on your credit card statement.  

But why even bother when you can remain anonymous? 


Thieves have become excellent at stealing credit cad and debit card information 

There’s no way to remain anonymous if you use your credit card. Your information is with the credit card company.  

When you make a credit card transaction, a payment terminal, even a digital one, communicates with the merchant’s bank. The merchant bank contacts Visa or Mastercard.  

Visa or Mastercard communicates with the credit card issuer. The CC issuer tells Visa or Mastercard if the card is valid and if there’s enough money on your card for the purchase.  

That’s a lot of steps for someone to steal your information. Credit card companies have become much better at beating back thieves. 

But like with your credit card statement, why bother? If there’s a way to stay anonymous and not take the chance of someone stealing your info, then isn’t that better way to go? 

There’s also another reason you want to be anonymous. Yes, sports betting and online gambling have become more accepted.  

But it’s still frowned upon in plenty of places in the United States. So stay anonymous by using Bitcoin and wagering through NitroBetting.    

- B. Delmer,

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