Top 6 NCAA Basketball Teams Online Bookies Should Prep For

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Round 1 of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament starts on Thursday, March 21.

Every online bookie agent should have already prepared for the ridiculous amounts of action they’re likely to see blasting through their sportsbooks from now until the College Basketball National Championship.

Those bookie agents should concentrate on the top 6 choices to win the National Title.

Why? The top 6 choices to win the tournament are likely to attract the most action in individual games during the tournament.

Top 6 NCAA Basketball Teams Online Bookies Should Prep For

Check out profiles of each of the top 6 betting interests to win the 2019 NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament.

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Duke Blue Devils               +225

Duke won the ACC Tournament and, therefore, enters the NCAA Tournament the overall 1-seed.

Surprisingly, even though the Blue Devils are huge favorites to win Coach K’s sixth set of championship rings, they aren’t a great team against the spread.

Action on Duke should be fast and furious. However, bookies could decide to ignore that action and shelve their layoff accounts.

Why? Coach K will preserve Zion’s energy if the Dookies get a lead.

Virginia Cavaliers               +550

Most definitely use the layoff account on UVA games.

Virginia has been one of the top teams against the spread this season. The Cavaliers lost to Florida State in the ACC Tournament, but they’ve had an entire week to get over that.

They’ll be more than ready to rock their way to the Final Four.

Gonzaga Bulldogs             +600

Gonzaga lost to St. Mary’s in the WCC Tournament. Incredibly, oddsmakers and players believe they’ve got the third best chance to win the NCAA Tournament.

The Zags are a great covering team just like the Cavs. Don’t allow players to jump on soft Gonzaga lines because they lost to the Gaels.

North Carolina Tar Heels            +800

North Carolina’s not a bad covering team, but they can also play down to their competition. They step it up against teams like Duke and Florida State.

They have trouble versus really good defensive teams like UVA. To be safe, use the layoff account.

Kentucky Wildcats                       +1200

Kentucky failed to close the door on Tennessee in the SEC Tournament. But, the Wildcats have one of the best tournament coaches in history on their side, John Calipari.

Coach Cal will have his team ready to rumble. Most definitely use the layoff account.

Michigan State Spartans            +1200

The Spartans beat rival Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament Championship in their last matchup. The Spartans have been hot straight up and against the spread from Feb. 1 until, well, today!

Use the layoff account if Sparty’s over bet.

In addition to using the layoff account on most over wagered teams in the NCAA Tournament, it’s important to set max betting limits on all moneylines as well as on every team to win the title game.

The favorite, Duke, offers +225 odds, which means if someone wagers $1,000 and Duke wins, the payout is $2,250. That’s too large of a payout for most pay per head agents to handle.

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