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sexy's own "expert on men" Jenny Woo has come across a Fox Sports poll listing the world's top 10 sexiest men in sports, better known as "the pretty boys".  See if Jenny agrees.

You think it's easy being a girl?  One hour devoted to showering, putting on make up and finding the perfect outfit every morning.  Then another hour spent on the phone with your girlfriends.  Three hours for clubbing every night.  Four hours for sex.  That leaves only five hours left in the day.  When's a girl to get any work done? 

Of course you guys have it easy.  Sure some of you wear makeup (i.e. the CEO-In-Hiding Kelvin Ayre), but pretty boys rarely need it.

The top 10 sexiest men in sports can sweat, get kicked in the crotch, black eyes, you name it....they still stay pretty and can still function even with a sore crotch.  Not that I would know.

Fox Sports this past week listed the Top 10 sexiest men in sports.  Their top 10 pretty boys of course featured David Beckham at the helm.  What a shocker!

Who else could be considered for the top spot, but the man on whom the metrosexuality trend is based? In a sport where diving and faking an injury are skills as prized as dribbling and passing in the NBA, Beckham is the King of queens.

I tend to agree.

sexy manIn the second spot sits Alex Rodriguez.  Jenny tends not to agree.  I mean, come on, there is a Calvin Klein underwear model - Fredrik Ljungberg - in the number 5 spot for God's sake!  A Rod's wife, now that's a different story.

Speaking of Ljungberg....God I hope I see him in Norway during my FHM Women's Poker Tour the end of this month....Here is what Fox Sports had to say about him:

Ljungberg is a classic example of an athlete whose fame is somewhat of a mystery, since it can't be attributed to his play on the field. Ljungberg has put up modest numbers on English Premier League team Arsenal and for the Swedish national team, but his gig as a Calvin Klein underwear model seems to be working out for him. Ljungberg seems destined to be one of those athletes who takes home more "Hottest Athlete" awards than he does sporting accolades.

Pretty boy low point: In Sweden, he had a plethora of golden opportunities to score in its shocking draw with Trinidad and Tobago in the 2006 World Cup. None came from the foot of Ljungberg, who was seemingly invisible during the entire match.

The F**ker is pretty than me!!!!

sexy man  sexy man

Johnny Damon sits at #4 on the Fox Sports list of Top 10 Sexiest Men in Sports.  Yeah he's a real pretty boy for sure.....errrrr.....

sexy man

But if I saw him coming out of the woods with a jack knife I might run the other way.

At #3 is tennis player Rafael Nadal.

sexy man

He looks soooooooo young.  Speaking of which, I got in trouble with my editor for checking out a boy at the airport heading to Costa Rica who we later figured out was around 15...ok, maybe 14, but who says "Age matters".  If Camron Diaz can do it, so can Jenny.....Ok, maybe not 14.  I can wait!  I've only been abstinent for close to 5 years now. 

And if you believe that one I got a bridge to sell you in Miami Beach!



More pretty boys of sports included:

sexy man#7 - Jose Theodore, NHL goalie

*6 - Ian Thorpe, Olympic Swimmer - You always gotta have a swimmer's body in there somewhere. 

#8 - Joey Harrington, NFL quarterback. 

#9 - Alexandre Daigle, NHL forward

#10 - Tom Brady, NFL quarterback

Where's Rolando!  Damnit!  Jenny wants Rolando!

sexy man

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Originally published August 12, 2006 1:06 pm EDT

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