Stay On Top Of Your Sportsbook With Three NBA Betting Strategies of 2018

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2018-2019 NBA Season heads into its third week. Pay per head agents must stay on top of NBA betting because from now until the playoffs next spring, NBA bettors should only get better at handicapping games.

2018’s Top Three NBA Betting Strategies

Check out the three most popular NBA betting strategies this season before getting into how bookies can manage action that used those strategies.

1. Betting Over a Total of 220 or Higher

Famed author/bettor Allen Moody came up with the High Total System.  What he discovered is that teams more often than not accounted for more than a total of 220 points when a total had been set at 220 points or higher.

Moody scored at over 63%. Sportsbooks are savvy about the system. If bookies sign up for Pay Per Head’s Prime Package, they can use the Line Mover to raise totals above the listed number.

Before doing that, agents should make sure bettors are using the Hight Total System.

2. Going Against Previous Blowout Winners

Basketball’s different than football because in football teams only play once a week. They get time between games to rest. Most football teams also get on a specific schedule.

They know what they must do for every day of the week before their next game.

Basketball teams play two, three, sometimes up to four times a week. If an NBA team blows through the spread, covers by a huge margin, many hoops bettors play that team the opposite way in their very next game.

They’re hoping for a bounce, a bad performance after a good performance.

The reason the system works is that teams that were impressive in their previous game are overvalued to win their next game.

Hoops bettors dream about inflated spreads. The Line Mover should help.

3. Backing Teams on the Bounce Back

Contrasting the bounce is the bounce back. Houston Rockets provided a great example of how the system works this past week.

They opened the season losing 112-131 straight up to the New Orleans Pelicans. In their very next game, Rockets beat the L.A. Lakers 124-115 as a -3.5 road favorite.

Houston provided a bounce back opportunity for NBA bettors after the Pelicans’ loss. The best way to manage this system might be for bookies to use their layoff accounts, one of the top pay per head software tools available, to even out wagering if teams like Houston are over bet after ATS losses.

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