The War on Bitcoin: Arch Enemies Join Forces

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Aaron Goldstein
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It appears the five year Civil War within the cryptocurrency space may finally be coming to an end, at least among some bitter foes, all focusing their attention on what they perceive to be the ultimate enemy, Bitcoin SV.

In an editorial appearing on the Coingeek website, Kurt Wuckert Jr explains the rationale behind this bitter feud

"Bitcoin has been furiously stifled by a brutal civil war for about five years now; waged by professional social engineers from some of the most powerful companies in the social media space," Wuckert Jr argues. "Their talent in the art and science of manipulation has kept Bitcoiners largely fighting among themselves rather than pursuing inroads into data-driven business models that could revolutionize the global economy."

Three competing versions of Bitcoin have emerged, including BTC, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).  The later two are a result of a hard fork.  In addition there are some 3000 plus other digital tokens that Wuckert Jr. claims are "masquerading as legitimate businesses".  There is almost inevitably an exit scam.

"The main benefactor of the Bitcoin civil war has been Ethereum: a global state machine that allows easy deployment of tokens and smart contracts, but the Ethereum protocol cannot scale, and of the thousands of projects launched, only a handful could even conceivably be touted as having the ingredients necessary to ever become legitimate businesses. The rest are Ponzi schemes or illegal securities offerings—enriching developers and scamming amateur investors."

What exactly is Bitcoin SV and why should online sportsbooks and casinos begin incorporating it into their cryptocurrency payment platform?

"BSV is the restored version of the original bitcoin protocol with all parameters open so that honest nodes can engage in consensus in accordance with the Bitcoin white paper—by proof of work! The protocol is set in stone so that software developers cannot tinker with the rules. This allows business to make decades-long plans to utilize the network, and invest with confidence. Retail payments, tokenization, or any kind of smart contract is simple to deploy without limitations. From brick & mortar business to global enterprise, Bitcoin SV has no limits except the human mind and the entrepreneurial spirit. 

"And that is the root of the hatred for BSV."

"Small blockers have invested their reputations and livelihoods on the notion that bitcoin is incapable of scaling. For years, alleged experts convinced many people that 2MB, 8MB or 22MB block size limits would literally break Bitcoin. They have furiously stated their reputations on these false notions. Well, BSV has had many blocks over 100MB.

"In fact, there have even been a few over 300MB, proving the small blockers wrong about the limitations of the network. But this realization is a threat to hegemony over the narrative of Bitcoin. Since 2015, when Dr. Craig Wright appeared on the scene to explain that bitcoin had ZERO limitations, he created massive uproar among the small block intelligentsia. The thought-leaders of the day were being paid to speak at conferences and host bootcamps where they explained falsely that Bitcoin was nothing but a provably scarce store of value with no other utility. Dr. Wright was talking about the boundless scale of the network, its Turing completeness and other inconceivable (at the time) notions about Bitcoin. His passion and knowledge was met with smears and jeers. They focused on attacking his character instead of discussing Bitcoin! 

"This has become one of the primary attack methods of the small blockers. When big blockers talk about Bitcoin’s abilities, they are ridiculed as scammers, and the topic is always triangulated away from technical discussion. They dig through personal records and look for ways to silence Bitcoin’s big blockers similarly to how social justice warriors engage in cancel culture against their political enemies."

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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