The Odds Are on Your Side

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C Costigan
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Are the odds on your side or is the deck stacked against you? Listen, you are a bookie, the deck is never stacked against you! Times have changed and we will admit that sportsbooks have a much tougher road than ever before. Players are smarter and they are informed. They know what to bet, they know the stats, they know every intricate detail and they can beat you. Therefore, you must have a backup plan with a casino and racebook. The odds are on your side in the casino and in fact, you will seldom lose in the casino. You won’t lose in the casino but the great part – the player thinks they are winning! The pay per head has now made it possible for you to offer your clients an online gaming experience they will love.  

  • For pennies on the dollar, you can have an online gaming site that offers the very best in sportsbook gambling along with a state of the art, Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook. You must offer this because your players are asking for it and they will look elsewhere to find it.  

  • Becoming a bookie is easy and inexpensive. Practically anyone with a general love of sports and knowledge of sports, can be a bookie.  

  • You are the one taking the money in, not spending it. 

  • The research game is over, you no longer must spend countless hours scouring the internet in search of the lock of the week or finding what games hold value to the gambler. 

  • You can make some big money.  

  • Gamblers spend upwards of $50 billion each year on college football alone! Why shouldn’t you be seeing a piece of this pie? Just imagine how much money is spent each year on sports combined, the numbers are simply mind-boggling. Bookies all over the world are looking to make big profits with great bookie software.  

  • Smart bookies realize that a great pay per head service is exactly what they need to see profits soar and they are converting their operations to a pay per head. 

  • What exactly is a pay per head service or, (otherwise known) as a price per head? 

  • A pay per head service is exactly how it sounds. The bookie (book maker) pays a price per each player that he has playing with him. Most, reputable price per head operations charges between $7-10 per player. Prices will vary depending on what services are offered.  

  • Most bookies are turning to a pay per head service, as a result, the internet is loaded with them. As with anything, you, the consumer, want to know what the best value for the money is. What services are above average and where can you expect the best customer service and technical support? There are also a plethora of reviews out there. How do you know who the best is? Is it the lowest price, the highest price, what exactly makes a price per head service the best value for the money 

  • We have done our homework so that you don’t have to. We take reviewing pay per head services seriously and have sorted out the good from the bad. Are they known for top notch quality, and customer service? 

  • Do they offer a 24-hour, toll free number, accessible from the United States? 

  • Do they speak English? 

  • Do they have informed staff and are they friendly? 

  • What about up-time, are they up and operating more than 99 % of the time? 

  • Do they take care of everything, including payments, pay-outs, accounting, player statistics and much more? 

If you want to have fun and you love this bookie life, but you are unhappy with the hassle and lack of a great income, then jump in with a pay per head and get online today. There is no reason to not be earning a six-figure income, and there is no reason to not be giving your clients what they have been asking for. You can do both, if you give your clients what they want, they will love you, they will give you their loyalty, and you will start earning like a boss. Call the PPH today and get online for free.  

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