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If you are a new casino player and looking to find somewhere to play, there are many choices in front of you. This decision is an important one, so you need to get it right.  

The best casinos will offer big bonuses such as a casino 300% welcome bonus, they will offer fantastic games for you to play, allow you to play on mobile and much more.  

But you may not know enough about casinos to understand and find these things out for yourself. This is why there are many review sites, help guides and tips out there for those who want to find the best possible casino.  

For those needing help, here are the main areas to focus your search on.  

Casino Bonuses 

When you sign up with a new casino, you should always look to claim a welcome bonus. Most casinos have these on offer, but there is a big difference between the best and the worst out there. 

The best bonuses are big, but they are also flexible, allowing you to spend the bonus funds on any game you want.  

For example, if you are a roulette player and get a welcome bonus that gives free slot spins, this is not a good fit for you, and a bad bonus to claim. Roulette players should look for bonuses that offer bonus funds based on a deposit, usually, these can be used on any game.  

There are two steps to this process. First of all, find the biggest casino bonuses you can possibly find. Then when you have these, match them up to your own gaming style and see which is the best fit.  

Follow this and you will have great fun and a fantastic time spending your bonus funds and trying to win for free.  

Game Choice 

You may have a type of game you want to play in your head, and that is fine, but it may not always be this way. You have to think about the future in some way, and that means finding a service that offers a wide choice when it comes to games. 

Those who need to look at this are slot gamers, even more so if you like to move around and change the game you are playing on a regular basis.  

Some casinos have hundreds of slot games as part of their collection, look out for these if you play regular slots and like to change games.  

It is also worth looking at the new games on offer, picking a site that regularly adds new titles is good as they will grow as you gain more experience and want to play more.  

Live Casino Gaming 

Live casino gaming is already popular, and this is likely to grow further in the future. Here you get the full casino experience, playing along with a real-life dealer who deals cards or spins the roulette wheel.  

This offers something completely different, and adds a social side, even though you are playing from home. You need to make sure you know what you are doing, so for example, understand the basic rules of roulette before heading to the roulette table. 

However, if you are looking for something fun to do then live casino gaming certainly offers that and you should explore this part of every casino that you are choosing between.  

Mobile Play 

The casino industry as a whole is moving to mobile play, and if any casino wants to survive, it needs to offer some kind of mobile service. 

If you don’t play mobile at the moment, or don’t think you will, this is still an important part of the service to look as because you will eventually move over, it is expected that most players will.  

A mobile service doesn’t need to be an app, it can be a mobile optimised website that you visit through your browser. Those already offering mobile play, and have been for a while, are front runners in the field, and if further expansion comes in the future, they are likely to be at the front again.  

A mobile service is always a good sign, make this your last check when comparing casinos.

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NFL Conference Championship Games Set

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Colts QB Rivers, 39, Retires From NFL After 17 Seasons

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