Switching Pay Per Head Platforms: When is the Best Time and How Long Does it Take?

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Aaron Goldstein
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WagerHome this weekend tweeted out that the MLB All Star Break is fast approaching and that this is typically the best time to switch one's Pay Per Head platform should they be unsatisfied with what their current provider is offering.

*Free trial test drive for up to 4 weeks
*Proprietary software
*Excellent, attentive live online chat feature
*Safe, secure, encrypted
*No minimum number of players required
*Ready built sites or customized white label available
*Mobile supports iPad, iPhone, Android,and Blackberry

Gambling911.com has spoken to a number of top Pay Per Heads in recent days, including a few office visits during our time in Costa Rica.  Each one we spoke to said the process of switching Pay Per Head platforms tends to be a seamless process taking up to an hour or less.  Of course this is dependent on the number of players one might have.

With per head counts rising on average in the US, some of the smaller Pay Per Heads may be less equipped to handle an agent's business.

WagerHome.com has just released its proprietary Pay Per Head software. Their interactive software allows bookies and agents to customize lines, set up profiles, and changes betting lines instantaneously.

Features include a sportsbook, casino, horses, 2 types live wagering (dynamic or during break).  

As for security there is 7 layer DDOS protection, fully redundant system and multiple data sources.

WagerHome is staffed with American-English speaking CS reps  for 24/7 support.

Just keep in mind that after the All Star Break, player demands will increase as football approaches.  Wagerhome is correct in suggesting that All Star Break is the best time to switch your Pay Per Head service assuming you are unsatisfied with a current provider.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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