Stones Talks Settlement With Cheated Poker Players

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Ace King
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Attorneys for those negatively impacted by high-profile Mike Postle cheating case have informed the judge overseeing the case that a settlement has been reached in principle, and that negotiations are ongoing over details.  These attorneys have indicated they will require more time, however.

Settlement Talks Disclosed Between Stones Gambling Hall, Alleged Cheating Victims - The request for the third time extension follows two earlier requests in June and July for additional time to amend the initial complaint, a process made necessary by a ruling in June by presiding judge William B. Shubb that dismissed primary plaintiff and alleged cheater Mike Postle on a technicality related to California’s gambling laws.

At some point in the past few weeks, talks between attorney Maurice “Mac” VerStandig, filing a third extension, and the lawyers shifted from a refiling of the case to negotiating a settlement.  This complaint is against the case’s remaining defendants, Stones Gambling Hall parent King’s Casino LLC and Stones employee Justin Kuraitis.

Some Background - In early March, Stones had filed their original motion to dismiss in which they infamously stated: "This lawsuit reflects the oldest complaint of gamblers — that their lack of success means they were cheated."

At that point, the plaintiffs, represented by the noted gaming attorney VerStandig, had the chance to amend their complaint and made new allegations, increased specificity, and added plaintiffs to the lawsuit.

The new motion to dismiss is in response to those amendments and largely echoes the original motion while addressing added allegation and the sudden influx of plaintiffs, which Stood at 89.

How it All Began - Mike Postle was a regular at the Stones Gambling Hall poker room.  Veronica Brill (aka “Angry Polak”) initially made the cheating accusations, referencing a live stream.

A member of the TwoPlusTwo.com posting forum started the conversation there that quickly turned into 121 pages in just under a week's period.

Surprised nobody has jumped on this to post here...

On Twitter yesterday I believe Mike Postle is being accused of cheating on Livestream. Not much proof (that has been shown) besides a lot of speculative hands. Will link the YouTube videos below.

Thoughts? The lines he takes are absolutely absurd but I don't see how he could be pulling this off.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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