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Wisconsin is on the cusp of allowing sports betting, but only at specified casinos and there will not be wagering on any college teams like the beloved Badgers, and even those teams outside the state.  As one can imagine, this presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to start their own bookie business from the state of Wisconsin.

Why Wisconsin is Such a Lucrative Market for Bookies

  • Mobile will not be offered by the regulated tribes overseeing sports betting should a current measure be approved.
  • Massive fan base in nearly all sports including both college football and basketball with the regulated books prohibited from taking bets on the Badgers or any college team, not just those based in the state.
  • One can offer more enticing lines on Wisconsin teams.
  • The ability to integrate online poker and a live dealer casino as well as a horse race book.
  • Anonymity
  • Bookmakers typically extend credit
  • Limited danger in having your personal information sold or stolen
  • More avaliable betting options
  • Convenience
  • Payment options include crypto
  • 18 and up allowed

News You Need to Know

Gov. Tony Evers and the Oneida Nation signed an agreement Thursday July 1, 2021 allowing people to bet on sporting events for the first time in Wisconsin.  Sports betting will be permitted at the tribe's casino right outside Packers Territory, Green Bay.

The compact amendment is subject to review by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. That agency will have a 45-day window to approve or reject the deal.

What I Need to Start My Own Online Sportsbook From Illinois

Starting your own online sportsbook from the state of Michigan is easy peasy but you'll need some help in doing so.

  • You will need at least five customers (active sports bettors).
  • You will need a top-of-the-line Pay Per Head to manage everything from live lines to 24-7 customer service to reporting.
  • Some marketing skills that should employ social media.
  • A lounge chair to go lay out on the lake since the Pay Per Head service pretty much allows you to operate on auto pilot.

Start Your Sportsbook Today

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