How To Increase Sportsbook Profits With UFC 229: McGregor Vs Khabib

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UFC 229 doesn’t take place until Saturday, October 6, but online bookie agents should start preparing right now. UFC has become the combat fighting sport for bettors.

Every once in a while, a great boxing match comes around that demands action.

UFC events take place almost every weekend, meaning that promoting UFC betting can be much more lucrative than promoting boxing betting.

Check out some ways to promote action on UFC 229: McGregor vs Khabib

UFC 229 Storylines For Increasing UFC Betting

With the talent, as well as the hype, that comes with this fight, online bookies can increase UFC betting easily in their sportsbooks.

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Consider these 3 storylines below to drum interest on UFC 229.

1. McGregor will enter the Octagon as an underdog

McGregor’s almost never entered the Octagon as an underdog. Sure, he was a huge underdog versus boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

That was in a boxing ring. In the Octagon, McGregor has always been king.

He faces an incredibly talented fighter in Khabib Nurmagomedov. Khabib’s not only undefeated, he’s also incredibly skilled in all phases of MMA.

He can beat you via decision, by submitting, or knocking you out.

2. McGregor fights for the first time since the “bus incident”

Conor’s fighting for the first time since the bus incident. We won’t get into the bus incident details. Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out well for Conor.

After multiple meetings with UFC President Dana White, McGregor finally got back into UFC’s good graces. Will the continued fallout from the bus incident ruin McGregor’s chances of beating such a highly-skilled opponent like Khabib?

3. This could be McGregor’s comeback fight, or it could be his last UFC fight

When you talk as much as Conor McGregor does, you must back it up. If you don’t back it up, the moment you lose could be the final time you ever fight.

McGregor has built such a huge persona, he’s so blustery, that if he doesn’t destroy every fighter he faces, he ends up looking like a fool.

. That might be White’s plan because he’s putting Conor in the Octagon with a true champion. If he loses, he might never fight at UFC againThat’s dangerous territory for Conor on Oct. 6.

If, though, McGregor knocks out Khabib, he again becomes UFC’s biggest draw. Either way, bettors can expect Conor McGregor to show his best.

He’ll have to if he wishes to leave the Octagon with Khabib’s championship belt.

The hype has already begun, let your players feed off that hype by sending out your marketing messages now.

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