Sportsbook Solution Catering to the Seattle Market

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Aaron Goldstein
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It's one thing to have access to an online sportsbook solution that generates fresh lines and allows players to seamlessly place bets, it's another to have a solution that caters specifically to the Seattle market.

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The reason for this is due to the fact that one can expect at least 20% more wagers on the Seahawks and University of Washington.  Alas the bookmakers here should have made out like bandits in 2018 as the Huskies, despite going 10-4 Straight Up reversed that record Against The Spread, with a 4-10 ATS finish.

A quality sportsbook solution provides options to enhance profits even more.  Utilizing a Pay Per Head platform in 2018 likely will have positioned bookmakers in this region to deal with a particularly bad future season should that come to fruition.

Use of a sportsbook solution in this region with its live in-play wagering and advanced prop selection will also have resulted in signficant profits realized in recent years as the Huskies have ended each season right around the .500 mark ATS.

Where local bookmakers may have taken a slight hit was with the Seahawks last year going 9-5-2 Against The Spread.  Provided a Pay Per Head was used in the previous season, regional bookies and agents here should still have been up due to a lackluster 6- finish the year prior.

Live In-Play - The house does have a substantial edge with this type of wagering. If players are backing the Cougars to win Against The Spread, there is a good chance they will lose some of that money placing in-play bets. 

Online Casino - The house always wins when it comes to casinos.  At least that's the rule overall.  Some of your players will win big.  The vast majority will lose over a period of time.  The house edge generally ranges from 3% to 10% depending on the game.

Props and Futures - Just as long as Washington State loses, you should really cut into any losses on a season like that experienced in 2018. 

The good news is bookmakers and agents should be able to focus more on making a profit utilzing the tools above.  For the 2019-2020 season, the Huskies are listed with 50/1 odds of winning the College Football Championship, placing Washington among the top 20 most likely teams to win it all.

The Seahawks had middle of the road odds of 33/1 to win the 2020 Super Bowl.  They had the second shortest odds of winning the NFC division after LA at 3/1.  Assuming Seattle doesn't go all the way, regional bookmakers should be able to take in some decent futures action on the Seahawks, especially where the division is concerned.  Locals should also consider offering regular season win totals betting.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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