Sports Betting in Connecticut Put on Hold

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Connecticut Governor Gov. Ned Lamont said Wednesday his administration is working out the details before finally launching legalized sports betting statewide online.


“We are still working to finalize the details of the statewide online and retail launch of sports betting, and we are working with the licensees to ensure their platforms are certified and in compliance with the regulations prior to launch,” Kaitlyn Krasselt, spokeswoman for the Department of Consumer Protection, said in an email. “As such, no date has been set but we do not anticipate it to be a lengthy delay.”

Asked if she could be more specific on the timing, she said, “Not really, no.”

Already a full month of football is now in the books.

Connecticut’s two tribal-owned casinos launched sports betting last week but the activity is limited to their own facilities for the time being.

The legislation passed this year and signed off by the Governor authorizes the Connecticut Lottery Corp. to operate 15 sports betting locations, including sites in Hartford and Bridgeport. Connecticut is expected to receive $170 million guaranteed revenue over the 10-year contract, the lottery said in August.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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