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PricePerPlayer.com will be offering its popular sports betting software to Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee residents.  The US Supreme Court ruled that sports wagering is now permitted in all states provided they amend their current laws.  Not all states will do so and some will continue to prohibit the activity, most notably Utah.

Indiana casinos are licking their chops hoping for lawmakers to permit sports betting.  Lawmakers had already established a summer study committee to explore possible legislation to make this a reality in the Hoosier state.  Indiana, however, has a conservative legislature so it remains to be seen whether they will follow through.

A Kentucky bill surfaced just before Independence Day that would look to place a three percent tax on handle. Operators will have to pay $250,000 annually for a license.  The tax alone will scare off potential operators.  This is due to the fact that sports books operate under very tight margins.

Even if this comes to fruition, local bookies will continue to prosper, just as they do each Kentucky Derby Day.  Not everyone wants to head to Churchill Downs to place their bets. 

Just as in Kentucky, Illinois lawmakers appear to be on the greedy end of the stick. They want to include other forms of gambling in any new laws, none of which are surfacing any time before the next Super Bowl.

Tennessee law states gambling is "contrary to the public policy of this state," and anyone who violates this law is guilty of a misdemeanor.  The Pay Per Head software, bookies and agents will likely dominate this market for years to come.

Advantages to Using Pay Per Head Software

Here are also some of the Sportsbook Features offered by PricePerPlayer.com

    Sports Betting
    Live Casino
    Pre Game Lines
    Horse Racing
    Online casino
    Live Dealer Casino
    Online and Telephone wagering
    Mobile Betting
    And more…

LIVE IN-PLAY BETTING in particular is an option the independent corner bookie simply cannot offer on his or her own.  Likewise, it is doubtful any of the casinos will be permitted to offer this product.

You Only Pay for What You Use

The advantage of using a PPH Sportsbook service is that you only pay for your active players.  An active player is defined as a bettor that has placed at least one bet in a given period of time. This means that if during one week you have 7 out of 10 players that placed a bet, you only pay for 7 players and not 10.

If you use the PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head service and you pay $5 per player.  This means that you would pay $35 that week.

Unlike a white label sports betting service where you pay a fee and a monthly percentage of your net revenue, a PPH only charges what you use.  This is why this service has become the favorite method of running a sportsbook.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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