Can I Sign Up With a Pay Per Head With Just 2 to 5 Players?

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:

There are plenty of Pay Per Head platforms on the market today that are more than happy to take on a bookmaker or agent with only 2 to 5 players under them., for example, has zero minimum.

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Obviously the Pay Per Heads would love it if you have 50 or more players in your package.  They'll still love you with just three. 

That's because, charging $10 per player per week should amount to $1560 for the year.  That's more than my auto insurance company gets.  Fifty of you amounts to around $75000 a year for the Pay Per Head

Odds are good you'll be less demanding too.

What a company like really wants is to ensure your three to five players are happy by offering the very best service in the industry and making sure you and your players stick around.  All it takes is ONE of those players to reel in five to ten more.

Let's say you start off with five players and end up doubling that to ten through word of mouth.  You and your package are now valued at around $5000 per year.

The best part is offers 6 free weeks upfront (subject to change - see latest promos here).  If you happen to be using an inferior sportsbook software management company, the switch to takes under an hour.

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