Should Online Bookies Offer Pony Betting In Their Sportsbook?

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Most online bookie agents open their sportsbooks because they’ve already got a group of players that wagers on football. If not football, their bettors wager on basketball or baseball.

That’s just the nature of betting in the United States.

Since most bettors wager on sports, bookies could be missing out on huge, consistent, betting dollars from their racebooks.

Why Opening Up Your Racebook Leads to Riches

Allowing horse racing betting can add consistent profit to any online sportsbook. Keep reading to discover why.

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Making winning horse racing wagers is a learned skill

Not everyone understands the ins and outs of horse racing. Even those who do understand must learn how to read a racing form before making winning horse racing wagers.

That’s tough, which  means most of your players will make way more losing wagers than winning wagers.

Horse racing attract action because of odds

Horse racing odds are different than odds on sports bets. While players must pay a fee to wager on a football game against the spread, they don’t pay fees to wager on a horse race. Instead, they get awesome odds.

How awesome? 2 to 1 are low odds on a horse to win a race. Decent odds are 5 to 1. Heck, sometimes the favorites goes off at 3 to 1.

That makes horse racing promotions built-in.

The ponies promote itself, attracts betting action all by itself, because it offers awesome odds.

Players have plenty of options

Pay per head agents, if they’ve partnered with the right pay per head company, can offer horse racing wagering on any race track in North America. They can also offer wagering on plenty of international tracks.

This is important because pretty much almost any time during the day, even when everyone’s asleep in the United States, a bookies’ players can wager on a horse race. That means your racebook could be making money close to 24/7.

Horse racing wagers don’t cost that much

Some professional horseplayers do invest hundreds of dollars in a single race. Most casual players, though, only bet $2 to $20 on a horse to win.

That’s good because pay per head agents don’t want to offer wagering services to professional horseplayers. They want their casual player making daily bets at around $10 to $20 on horse races.

All of those $10 to $20 wagers adds up to huge profit.  

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