Should Online Bookies Be Paying Attention To NFL Betting Now?

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Tiger Woods just won the Masters Tournament, the MLB Regular Season is well underway, so are both the NBA Playoffs and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

NFL? Who’s talking about the NFL?

You should be if you want to be a successful online bookie agent!

Pay Per Head Agents Should Start Thinking NFL Betting

NFL betting never sleeps. Not even during the lull, right after the Super Bowl and right before free agency. The NFL has its own successful sports network because it knows that NFL fans constantly check up on the most important sports betting league, from a bookie’s perspective at least, in the world.

So, yes, you should start thinking NFL betting right now, today.

2020 Super Bowl 54 Odds

      New England Patriots             +700

      Kansas City Chiefs                 +750

      L.A. Rams                               +800

      New Orleans Saints                +900

      Chicago Bears                         +1400

      Cleveland Browns                   +1400

      L.A. Chargers                          +1400

      Philadelphia Eagles                 +1600

      Indianapolis Colts                   +1800

      Dallas Cowboys                     +2000

      Green Bay Packers                 +2000

      Minnesota Vikings                  +2000

      Pittsburgh Steelers                  +2000

      Houston Texans                      +2800

      Seattle Seahawks                     +2800

      Baltimore Ravens                    +3000

      San Francisco 49ers                +3000


Biggest odds movers include the Browns, Eagles, and Colts, and Patriots

The New England Patriots started out last season a +500 to +550 choice. New England won the Super Bowl. This year, they opened a +500 to +550 choice. Then, the hammer dropped.

New England’s hammer was Rob Gronkowski’s retirement. Without Gronk catching passes from Tom Brady, New England’s passing attack should dramatically change.

Both oddsmakers and bettors know this, which is why the Patriots are suddenly +700 co-choices with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, oddsmakers already have a bead on the Browns, Eagles, and Colts as well. Indianapolis is down to +1800 because their offensive line and defense are both fantastic. It also helps that they’ve got a really good quarterback in Andrew Luck.

The Eagles finally allowed Nick Foles to get paid, he took the money the Jaguars offered and ran to Jacksonville, which is one of the reasons Philly’s odds have fallen. The Eagles are now Carson Wentz’s team.

That’s a positive in the eyes of oddsmakers.

Cleveland is where it gets interesting. Although the Browns are much improved, they did trade for Odell Beckham Jr., they’re not so improved that they should offer lower odds than the Chargers, Eagles, Colts, and Vikings. Yet, they’re up there at +1400.

What gives? Action. Someone has placed a massive bet on the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl.

So, here’s the thing that pay per head agents must do. They can allow the +1400 to stand on the Browns, or they can raise those odds to +2000. Or, they can call their Cleveland Browns bettors and see if they’d like to place a wager on the Browns at +2000. Most bookies shouldn’t receive much action on Cleveland, which is why raising odds, and then pointing out the +600 odds difference, should attract action.   

NFL Draft on Thursday, April 25 could shift Super Bowl 54 odds

No matter what, KC, New England, the Saints, and the Rams will remain at under +1000 no matter who drafts whom, or what trades are made, next Thursday.

Everyone else’s odds could go up or down a few points. Oakland is the team to pay attention to. The Raiders offer +6600 odds to win Super Bowl 54.

Oakland traded for wide receiver Antonio Brown, they signed WR Tyrell Williams, they also signed Isaiah Crowell, one of the more underrated running backs in the league while signing the Patriots’ left tackle from last season, Trent Brown.

Oh, yes, first round pick Kolton Miller is a year older. Jon Gruden rebuilt his entire offense, including making the offensive line much, much stronger, before the NFL Draft.

Current NFL betting odds on the Raiders put them on par with the new York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

They’re already much better than either one of those teams and Gruden’s got 3 first round draft picks to work with. He could package the picks and get an impact player like Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen or Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa. Or, Gruden could stand pat and just draft where he’s at.

No matter anyway we look at it, online bookie agents must set max betting limits on the Oakland Raiders. Not just that, though. They should also use the line mover and lower the odds on the Raiders to win Super Bowl 54.

In addition, raising odds on Cleveland will help drive action. They must also set max betting limits on all teams now that New England’s odds have drifted up to +700.

The main point? It’s not too early to think about NFL betting.

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