Pay Per Head With the Best Hold Percentage

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Aaron Goldstein
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As a bookmaker or agent, it is critical to find a Pay Per Head business with the best average hold percentage.

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The hold percentage is the amount you get to keep, that goes back into the business.

For the period September 23 through 29, PremierPerHead confirmed an average hold percentage of 15%.  That's huge!

Now to be clear, this was a particular good week for bookmakers as a number of top public plays did not win.

A North American bookmaker's percentage for overall volume should always be above 5%. 10% is a good goal to shoot for and an indication that the bookmaking package is prosperous.  15% is outstanding.

PremierPerHead plans to publish their weekly hold percentages for Gambling911.com readers moving forward.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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